The organization of the Tour of Catalonia announced yesterday the seven stages of this year’s edition, which will be the hundredth, in which it will return an individual time trial in the region of Pla de l’Estany, with departure and arrival in the town of Banyoles on March 24.

The oldest race in Spain will start, as usual, in the Maresme town of Calella on March 23, and will end on the 29th with a stage in the city of Barcelona. Next February 6th, the race organization will report exactly the seven stage details. These are the seven stages. Stage 1: Calella-Calella (23/3); Stage 2: Banyoles-Banyoles – Individual time trial (24/3); Stage 3: Olympic Channel-Setcases (25/3); Stage 4: Ripoll-Portainé (26/3); Stage 5: La Pobla de Segur-Manresa (27/3); Stage 6: Tarragona-Mataró (28/3); Stage 7: Barcelona-Barcelona (29/3);



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