The Mendi Eguna de Bera, a success

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More than 300 people participated on Saturday in the activities organized in the thirteenth edition of the Mendi Eguna de Bera. Both in the morning and in the afternoon, the climbing workshop, the orientation test, the mountain trip, the time trial and the screening of the documentary by Edurne Pasaban had a very good presence of participants and audience. The day, organized by Manttale and Agerra Mendi Taldea, was celebrated with a splendid sun and in it a year was remembered the mountaineers Xabier Zubieta, Loro Pikabea and Xabier Saralegi.

Manttale and Agerra Mendi Taldea went to the NGO Nepaldala, which works to improve the lives of women in Nepal, the entire collection (1,000 euros) obtained with the tickets of the documentary and the donations previously made by the participants in the mountain march and the time trial.

This one went to Santa Barbara, It was 5.5 kilometers away and brought together 63 couples and threesomes that left minute by minute from the entrance of Ricardo Baroja Eskola. Previously, he had departed the mountainous exit by the same circuit, with more than 50 people. At the end of both, all participants were able to enjoy a snack and a raffle for gifts in Ricardo Baroja Eskola’s dining room.

At the same time, a race in pairs for the little ones in which 40 children who ran down from Garmendikoborda to Ricardo Baroka Eskola participated, where they enjoyed a deserve it. Previously, in the morning, an climbing workshop was held in Bera sports center in which about 130 children participated. Divided into small groups, they were able to perform different activities related to climbing such as bouldering, rappelling, etc.

This year, for the first time, a orientation test for children and adolescents. Divided into groups of five people, with a map and a compass they had to locate different places in Bera and find clues to complete a sentence.

€ 1,000 for Nepal

The climax to the day was put with the screening of the documentary ‘Chhaupadi. An expedition of Edurne They passed to the hidden face of the Himalayas’. Edurne Pasaban herself presented the film in a Bera culture house boarded by spectators for such a special occasion.

The film, directed by Migueltxo Molina, from Arena Comunicación, tells the Pasaban expedition to Mount Saipal (7,031 m), where he accompanies four girls from the region, one of the most unknown and remote in Nepal, where women live marginalized since centuries ago.



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