The first place in play

    Spain has complied with the planned script. It is already classified for semifinals and aims to revalidate the continental scepter. Now comes the dilemma of Jordi Ribera. Or spend energy against Croatia to finish first and cross with the second team of the other group in the next phase or choose to rotate players to save strength for a semifinal that is sure to be tough and complicated.

    The match, which takes place this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m., faces two undefeated squads, two of the usual ones in the fight for metals in international competitions. Two handball players, with differentiated identity signs. The Croatians already classified in the previous day gave rest to some of their struts before the Czech Republic with a view to the clash with the Hispanics. In the background, both teams are honored to remain unbeaten and keep their morale high against the last two commitments of this competition.

    If something stands out in Croatia it is the level of its plants. No one escapes the technical and physical quality of Domagoj Duvnjak, player of the powerful German Kiel. Next to him, shines another unique player, Luka Cindric. Barça’s center is a real nuisance with his game. Able to easily penetrate one-on-one, even throw, feed the pivots of good balls. Undoubtedly, it is the position that best covers Croatia. Cindric, at 26, is pure talent and the most emerging star in the handball of this Balkan country.

    Lino Cervar has a good goal with the pair Marin Sego, goalkeeper of Montpellier, and Matej Asanin. Great finishers at the end with men like Zlatko Horvat, RK Zagreb player; Vlado Matanovic or David Mandic. In the first line, write the name of the young left-back Josip Sarac, with just 20 years and 203 centimeters tall, it sure will sound a lot in the coming years. Igor Karacic is another first first level line, the same as the right back Luka Stepancic. In the six meters, powerful pivots, of those who do damage with spaces and in the two against two. Croatia offers a perfect mix between veterans and young players, although all with quality as a common denominator.

    If the selection of Lino Cervar in this European has stood out in anything, it has been in its defensive capacity. He has conceded 91 goals in the four games played in the Main Round. That will force the Hispanics to a game without precipitation, with much patience in the static attack and quick exit when the defense annuls the Balkan attack. The withdrawal will be fundamental again.

    The good thing is that it is a duel with a net. The defeat has no greater consequences than the semifinal crossing. The clash must be used to adjust things, since from Friday the moment of truth begins, the meetings that will dictate the podium of this European multisede. A victory would offer better sensations to face the matches that will already take place on Swedish soil.


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