The female Espanyol seeks her miracle

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Last classified and without even knowing the victory, Jordi Ferrón’s girls do not lose faith in staying in the category

Wiston Churchill said that success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. For the British Prime Minister during World War II, brave people are forged in the falls and that seems to be what the Espanyol Feminine clings to this season. Last classified of the First Iberdrola and without even knowing the victory in the sixteen days that have been disputed, the girls of Jordi Ferrón want to get their miracle.

“I would tell you that it is one of the most complicated situations that I have had to live as a footballer. Look we try, we fight, but in the end, for mistakes we make ourselves we miss the games ”, Espanyol footballer counts Sweet Quintana. The laziness of the second most thrashed team in the championship and which landed in the ranks of the Catalan club four seasons ago, reflects the feeling of a locker room that, despite the disappointment in the form of defeat that hits them every weekend, has not lost The hope of being able to reverse this difficult situation. “You just need to believe,” he says. And, until the numbers say otherwise, in Dani Jarque Sports City the word surrender is not allowed. “This Espanyol still has a lot of life,” says the player of Paraguayan origin.

With three possible forty-five points and nine points of salvation, the mind has become the main weapon of the Spaniards in this final part of the course. “We need the psychological factor to be our strongest pillar because in the situation we are in is decisive. If you are well, things flow better. Now, if you start the week lamenting and with penalties for yesterday’s game, we do nothing ”, Says a player who, like her team, needs to know as soon as possible what that first victory tastes like.

This Saturday against Valencia, Jordi Ferrón’s are facing a new opportunity to get out of that “black bubble” and finally face that long-awaited path of triumph. His counterparts, who go through an identical situation, those of Abelardo are the red lantern of Primera, they do not stop transmitting their support. “When we agree with them, they keep telling us that they trust us. Like us, we also do it in them, ”says a footballer who feels sad when she sees her club during low hours.

Clothed by a tireless group of fans who have never stopped believing in them, Espanyol wants to start building its miracle as soon as possible and that time does not run in favor of one of the Spanish football history. In the capital of Turia, who knows if luck could start to change because after so many falls, it’s time for these girls to go home with their first points of the season. “It would be our takeoff.”



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