Criticisms, many criticisms. Many. And he just wanted to share the illusion of his children by the magic of the wise men. Sergio Ramos He has uploaded a photo to his Instagram account where he appears accompanied by his wife, Pilar Rubio, and their older children, Sergio Jr. Y Alexander next to King Baltasar, one of the three wise men.

The captain of Real Madrid He accompanied the image with a tender text: “These dates are seen and lived through the eyes of the little ones. Dates of illusion, happiness and emotion. Enjoying with them and like them. I love you!”.

Photography, in principle harmless, has generated a wave of criticism. The reason? The King Baltasar, black, is a white painted black. Many followers of the merengue player have been offended: “Incredible. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me but how can they hire white people and paint them? ”,“ What century do you live in? ”And“ I’m freaking out, uncle has a painted face, ”and thus endless negative comments.


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