It is no secret that the President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, and the President of the League, Javier Tebas, are not friends. The hooks are continuous between the two for topics as varied as the opening hours of the matches, the place to be played (Tebas is still waiting for a league game outside Spain and in Miami they are still waiting for the Girona-Barça de last season) or the continuous changes in the competitions proposed by Rubiales. There is no decision in Spanish football that does not end with a conflict between the two presidents.

Rubiales-Thebes, the personal war that affects football

Rubiales, who since 2018 took over the role of Angel María Villar, has been in conflict (in some cases, also with the clubs, which have disagreed with some of the decisions taken by the president of the RFEF) announced at the last assembly in mid-December that it would call elections. He argued that since there are Euro and Olympic Games this summer, he preferred that the president who had to face the two competitions strengthen it.

Thus, Tebas has begun to look for someone who can stand for Rubiales, who in the previous election passed Juan Luis Larrea by 80 votes to 56 and won an absolute majority. And as Cope Chain announced on Wednesday, Iker Casillas would be his candidate. The former captain of the Spanish national football team suffered a heart attack last May and has never been under the poles with his team since. The Portuguese club, following the scare of the goalkeeper, announced that they would take a place inside the staff – a link between the players of the first team and the board – but also included him in the list of players for the 2019-20 season.

According to the broadcaster, then, the 38-year-old Móstoles goalkeeper would be pondering the option he left on Thebes table, though accepting it would entail withdrawing from the playing field. However, Casillas should make the decision soon, because according to Cope, the RFEF presidential election could be held in the second half of March, before the two friendly matches that the Spanish national team has scheduled against the combined ones. from Germany and the Netherlands. In the event that the Madrid exporter did not step in, Thebes would have to look for another candidate for a run-in, because if no one but Rubiales was introduced, the current president of the RFEF would be automatically re-elected until 2024.



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