Urs Kryenbühl sustains an ankle injury during training.

source: Keystone

The first downhill training in Wengen yesterday did not end well for two Swiss ski athletes. Urs Kryenbühl and Marco Kohler injure themselves in falls.

Urs Kryenbühl suffered a strain in the area of ​​the syndesmosis in the right ankle during a fall, as studies in the Balgrist University Clinic showed. It is uncertain whether the 24-year-old Schwyzer, who surprised with a 2nd place in Bormio in December, will return to the World Cup this season. However, an operation was not necessary, Swiss-Ski announced in a communiqué.

Downhill training ended even more fatal for European Cup driver Marco Kohler. The 22-year-old ancestor tore his patella, the anterior cruciate ligament, the inner ligament and the inner meniscus when he fell, as a result of which training could only be started half an hour later. Kohler is to be operated on in the Balgrist University Hospital in the coming days. He stays out for a long time.

“Such low snow winters are absolutely gory”

Kohler and Kryenbühl come from the talent pool of Franz Heinzer, the former top Swiss driver. Of course, the events don’t leave him cold. To “Blick” he says: “It really hurts me. Urs and Marco were on a very good path, but unfortunately they are now being thrown back. »

Sigi Voglreiter, race director of Kryenbühl’s outfitter Fischer, believes that even more drivers could get injured on the weekend. “Such low snow winters are absolutely murderous,” he says to “Blick”. Artificial snow is extremely aggressive, “the risk of injury is correspondingly high”.

Marco Kohler will be out for a long time after a fall in downhill training. (Archive)

Image: Keystone


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