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Nobody expects Jason Garrett, whose contract officially expires in 10 days, to be the Cowboys coach in 2020. But nobody expected him to still be the Cowboys coach six days after the team’s season ends.

Yet it is. As noted by Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the long goodbye continues between Cowboys and Garrett, who became head coach in the 2010 season after the fire of Wade Phillips. If the goal, as suggested by Ed Werder of ESPN on Thursday, is to demonstrate and “plenty of care and respect“In Garrett, paralysis (or whatever is causing this to linger) at some point becomes negligent and disrespectful.

Probably, this point has already come.

The question now becomes whether the news comes during the first playoff weekend. In Friday’s PFT Live, Big Cat suggested that Jerry Jones will try to ride the playoffs by making the announcement not long before the Bills face the Texans on Saturday afternoon. (My guess is Sunday at 4:00 PM ET, to divert attention from the playoff game between the Seahawks and the Eagles, the one the Cowboys should play on.)

Whenever that happens, the news will dominate anything in the NFL. Some think that this was designed simply to create more attention for the Cowboys, to get people talking and writing and thinking about their intentions and plans for Garrett before talking, writing and thinking about who their next coach will be.

Cowboys are likely to already know who their next coach will be, or at least who the small universe of candidates will be. Few owners fire their current manager without having a good idea who the replacement will be.

In this case, some think that Jones is waiting for someone who is still training. Perhaps, someone who is training this weekend – and who as of Monday morning may be available to be interviewed and / or hired (and / or exchanged).

Regardless, the Cowboys have found ways to deal with a fairly simple situation that takes place fairly easily several times a year every year and turn it into something we’ve never seen before. In doing so, the Cowboys were the most talked about team of the NFL week, although they are not officially looking for a coach or preparing to play a post-season game.


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