Sharing points in an electric match and filling occasions on both sides

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This time there was no Nuha Marong to unleash the euphoria on overtime. Neither was it alone. Even less heat. It wasn’t summer, nor was there a promotion to professional football at stake. The Llagostera-Nastic last night, the first one played at the Municipal five and a half years after that historic clash that led the Barça team to the Second Division A, ended with a draw and no goals. Dull? None of this. Moved on and off the grass, the duel had everything. Less aiming. A positive point for the home side, who are still strong at their stadium, who continue to add and stay in a relatively comfortable position at the table. Not so much for the grana, surprisingly installed in the relegation zone and with less and less room to maneuver, although there is still a league.

It didn’t seem like Nastic was closer to Third every day. Nor has the Llagostera returned to the category coming from below. Both teams put on a real show. A back and forth duel that broke in the second half and that if it didn’t have a goal was for the excellent and decisive performances of the two goalkeepers. Marcos, in his 100th game as a Barça player, saved the furniture with some intervention. More was collected by Bernabé, the one who prevented Oriol Alsina’s team from celebrating the victory.

Except for the first stages of acclimation and acclimatization, there was no truce. The intensity went away in crescendo. So much, that the opportunities were accumulating, especially after the break, when the duel was split, the speed did nothing but increase and the game became fast. The first one to appear was Marcos. He set his body right in the sixth minute when Viti decided to go into the area alone. After two good arrivals from Magallán and Aimar, the goalkeeper again saved the furniture. This time, with a change in hand swing in front of a shot from Gerard Oliva. Then the answer came from Barnabas. Erotic in a first outing that did not end with a goal from Diego González, the keeper of the Nastic reached a decisive hand in a free kick by Magallán. It was not a miracle goal.

The second half was more moved. Also on the stands. The area where the visiting fans were located warmed up. More than one still has recent the rivalry that was born between both clubs with that one promotion. There was more shouting and insult than anything else, but there was also some aggression. The Mossos had to intervene and some fans did not finish the game on the field.

Without rest

Other than that, the players went to the match. Those from both teams. Barnabas were still toned and saved a good header by Lucas Viale. Alsina brought in Nahuel, a real stir, and this was the next occasion for the Llagostera. The cross shot licked the post. Before, once with the brow of Gerard Oliva did not find much goal. Nauhel followed his own. He found a cocoa in 67 that Barnabas rejected as he could. David Garcia multiplied in the middle of the field to stop a greater evil, while Brugué was a danger on the other side. Everything could have happened and the 0-1 didn’t come as Marcos pulled in reflexes in a shot down Goldar. At the end, the clearest. A corner shot missed by Jonathan Pereira and a header by Kuku. There was no way.



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