Sarri receives Cajasur Crdova in the second round premiere

    El Sarrià begins this afternoon the second lap of the competition against Cajasur Córdoba (18.00). It is a rival that undoubtedly evokes great memories for the Girona team as they won the first victory in the category in the first round of the Andalusian soil (21-22). Salva Puig’s players come to the appointment with good dynamics of play and results and comfortably installed in the sixth position. “We are happy but we know that we have not done anything yet and there is still a lot of league left,” says Puig. The good results obtained at its Silver premiere have resulted in the Sarrià receiving the team tag of revelation in the category. The coach from Valladolid, however, is wary of this fact. “The capacity for surprise we had at first disappeared. Everyone points to us as the revelation, and that’s what rivals are warned about now, “he emphasizes.

    Be that as it may, the reality of Sarrià is to look with relative calm down the bottom and continue on its way to the goal. “In terms of points and classification we are in an optimum situation”, acknowledges a Puig who today only has the loss of Guillem Torres. As for the Cajasur, Puig warns that they are coming with confidence after winning the Teucro, and ex-Asobal Padilla and Moyano stand out, as well as the pivot Martins, “one of the most decisive in the league”.

    On the other hand, Handball Bordils will visit tomorrow at noon (2/4 of 1) the fearsome track of Antequera with the casualties due to injury of Gerard Ferrarons and Tomàs Bañeres.


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