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Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) apparently wants to single-handedly implement his call for a reorganization of the federal cabinet. For this he wants to exchange at least two federal ministers of his party, reports the “Augsburger Allgemeine” on Wednesday. According to this, Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer and Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer are to be replaced. “Both are just a burden for the CSU,” quotes the CSU newspaper. Above all, Scheuer is heavily criticized because of the debacle with the toll.

Söder had previously confirmed his firm will to fill ministerial posts in Berlin and had not ruled out a change of CSU ministers in the federal government. The party must show in some places beyond the content, “that our claim will go beyond 2021,” he said at the CSU parliamentary group’s retreat in the Upper Bavarian Seeon monastery.

Soder said that it was crucial for success in elections to generate more momentum and emphasized: “I will make my contribution as CSU boss in addition to the reorganization of content.” “The survey values ​​of individual people are always a yardstick for us,” said Söder.

Then it looks bad for scouring. The transport minister is no longer supported by a quarter of the CSU supporters. Seehofer has 57 percent of them. It is obvious that the 70-year-old interior minister is not a model for the future after 2021, says one of the CSU leaders. The third, Development Minister Gerd Müller, is at least not unpleasant.

Söder already sees summer 2020 as the right time for the cabinet reshuffle. Together with the cabinet question, the question “who might become” Union chancellor candidate will have to be answered, “he said on Wednesday evening when asked in the BR political magazine” Controversy “.

Lousy CSU polls before the local election

During the exam, the Munich deputies learned of a devastating survey. The CSU, Infratest has determined for Bavarian Broadcasting, came to 36 percent two months before the local elections. This is even lower than the already bad state election result of 37.2 percent from 2018. The second message was even more painful: the Greens rose by a whopping seven points compared to 2018 to a record high of 25 percent.

The demos have good messages only for Söder himself. 67 percent have now given the prime minister a positive certificate. The majority of Bavaria also sees the future positively, in contrast to the nationwide mood.

For the CSU leadership in Munich it reads like: We in Bavaria are doing it right – Berlin is pulling us down. “The challenge lies in the federal government,” said Secretary General Markus Blume. (Tsp, dpa)


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