“Racist, degrading, discriminatory”: This is how the SPD justifies Thilo Sarrazin’s exclusion from the Berlin party

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The State Arbitration Commission of the Berlin SPD justified the exclusion of Thilo Sarrazin from the party in very clear words. Sarrazin “by his behavior and his statements significantly, persistently and repeatedly violated the principles of the party and thereby caused serious damage to the party”.

The State Arbitration Commission has thus confirmed the exclusion of the former finance senator and Bundesbank board in second instance, the reason has been available since Friday. In this, the commission explains how Sarrazin violated the principle of solidarity, for example by participating in campaign events of the right-wing FPÖ from Austria.

“Anti-Muslim Racism”

The arbitral tribunal also recognizes a violation of the SPD’s fundamental program by anti-Muslim racism and comes to the conclusion that Sarrazin “has been at the limit of what is still acceptable for years.” He was repeatedly warned to adhere to the principles of the SPD and “now significantly exceeded this limit of what is still tolerable with his book publication and his public appearances in 2018 and 2019”.

In the first instance, the district arbitration commission decided in July 2019 to exclude Sarrazin from the party. The commission relied, among other things, on the fact that the book published in 2018 under the title “Hostile Takeover” was “clearly to be seen as racist in its anti-Muslim thrust”. Sarrazin had appealed against this decision, which has now been rejected as unfounded.

Appearance with Strache from the FPÖ is unsound

Specifically, the second instance sees a “gross and significant violation of solidarity” by appearing at an election campaign event of the FPÖ in March 2019. After appearances at the FPÖ in the previous years, the then SPD general secretary Yasmin Fahimi warned Sarrazin, but Sarrazin appeared again in Vienna last March alongside Heinz-Christian Strache and other FPÖ top people.

The event was considered an election aid for the FPÖ election campaign for the European elections. “That the applicant […] this event […] did not perceive it as an election campaign event, but only wants to have accepted an invitation as part of a reading from his book “, the Schides commission sees as” an unbelievable protection claim “.

“Violation of principles of the SPD”

The Commission, like the previous instance, also addresses Sarrazin’s comments in his book “Hostile Takeover” and confirms the “significant violation of the principles of the SPD”. Sarrazin ‘s analysis and conclusions “show clearly anti – Muslim racist patterns of thought despite the recognizable effort to be scientific and stand in blatant contradiction […] Program of the SPD.

In his publication, Sarrazin speaks, among other things, of a “significantly below-average educational performance of Muslims”, which he justifies with the “cultural influence of Islam”. He speaks of a cultural character “in the sense of passivity” and “little zeal for education”. He also attributes “violent expansionism” to Muslims, according to Sarrazin Muslims represent a threat overall. He advises that “advanced parts of the world” shield themselves against “mass immigration from the backward regions” or prepare for a “wave of violence” would.

The Commission writes that “social problems must be debated ruthlessly”. However, a party like the SPD, which puts an “enlightened and emancipatory image of man” at the center of its self-image, “cannot approve of monocausal explanatory patterns that essentially ascribe the cause of all problems to an unchangeable cultural character through Islam.”

Sarrazin speaks of freedom of expression

The 74-year-old Sarrazin, on the other hand, argued that everything was part of his freedom of expression and profession, so the party had to accept his publications.

The Commission now says: “Racist, degrading, discriminatory verbal attacks against large sections of the population and groups are outside the tolerance range.” Freedom of occupation is also not affected, since Sarrazin is ultimately not employed by the SPD.

Sarrazin says he lost his party book

It is likely that a third round – this time before the Federal Arbitration Commission – will follow. Sarrazin’s lawyer has announced the appeal within the next two weeks.

Sarrazin will not have to hand over his party book, because he claims that he has lost it. “To request the issuance of a new membership book just to hand it over to the arbitration commission immediately upon receipt would have been tantamount to” empty meaning “.


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