Solidarity is sometimes not underestimated within the group of attackers. Pedro Miguel Pauleta recalled that this value meant a lot to him. The former PSG goleador (109 goals) who proceeded this Thursday to the draw for the semi-finals of the League Cup in Paris took advantage of the echo that was offered to him to transmit to the Parisian leaders a very personal message. The former idol of the Parc des Princes took advantage of the credits of the program to unroll a sign on which one could read distinctly the following sentence: “Do not leave Edinson! “

A message that comes in the midst of a transfer window and when rumors beyond the Pyrenees send Edinson Cavani to Atlético de Madrid. An exit door that Leonardo, the sports director of PSG, closed immediately this week. Pauleta, told us in December that she had a real admiration for the Uruguayan: “I really like him, he’s a great player, a great man. I hope Edinson will continue with PSG. “

Pauleta, who also plays an ambassador role for the Paris club, is the third top scorer for the capital club (109 goals) – behind Ibrahimovic (156) and Cavani (198). With this gesture, Pauleta joins the ultra Parisians who continue to chant songs to the glory of Cavani despite his playing time reduced by the hatching of the triplet Neymar-Mbappé-Icardi.


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