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“Everyone has the right to work, to freely choose a profession” and “without any difference, for example by race, skin color, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin”. This is what the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says. The German General Equal Treatment Act also prescribes something similar.

But: In reality, the origin, and also the supposed one, often plays a role. For example when choosing a profession.

The case of a young man with an Arabic surname is now causing a sensation. He had applied for an internship at the Berlin office of GKK Architecture and Urban Development.

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In response, he received an email that the office manager apparently wanted to send internally. With the title “The worst rejection letter you can only get”, the applicant made the email public on Facebook on Monday. The names in salutation and greeting are blackened, all you can read is: “Please no Arabs”.

The company is cosmopolitan and international

The Berlin architecture firm presents itself on its website as cosmopolitan and international: In the “Team” area there is a collage with 30 flags – the nationalities of all employees since the office was founded.

The post gradually spread through other channels in social networks. Among other things, the Turkish-born author Bahar Aslan, who also works as a teacher, shared the screenshot of the email on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday night.

She wrote: “We who were born and grew up here keep feeling that we don’t belong. We are reduced to our supposed origins and always have to prove our affiliation, which is a matter of course. “


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