On the move: Phil Mickelson and family move to South Florida

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LA FIFTH, California – Phil Mickelson was born in San Diego, lives in Rancho Santa Fe, California, and has won 12 of his 44 PGA Tour titles in California, but his days spent on the west coast seem almost over.

Mickelson confirmed to GolfChannel.com on Wednesday at the American Express that his family closed a lot on Jupiter Island, Florida on December 23 and hopes to start construction soon.

Mickelson, who is the host of this week’s event, said the family’s current plan is to move to Florida after her youngest son, Evan, graduated from high school in a year and a half.

Lefty would become part of a growing list of Tour players calling home in South Florida including Tiger Woods, the number 1 in the world Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson.

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Although Mickelson did not offer a reason for his potential move, in 2013 he suggested that he could leave California because of his federal and state tax bill, which he said pushed his tax rate above 60 percent.

“There will be some drastic changes for me because I am in that area that has been targeted at both federal and state levels and, you know, it is not working for me right now,” he said in 2013. “So I will have to make some changes . “

A week later Mickelson released a statement stating that “finances and taxes are a personal matter and I shouldn’t have made my views on them public.”

There is no state income tax in Florida.



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