40 days after turning 21, Luka Doncic continues to make history in the NBA. The Slovenian was instrumental in the victory of the Mavericks in Sacramento with scandal numbers. Doncic achieved a new triple double (25 points, 15 rebounds and 17 assists) and he did it with some figures in the pass that no player of his age had achieved. The former Madrid has broken the record of Magic johnson of precocity for a triple triple that includes 15 or more rebounds and assists. Not only that. Doncic is already only a triple double of the record held by Jason Kidd in the Mavericks (21) and this season accumulates 12. No one in the League has achieved so many. Lebron James He is second with nine.

If the Mavericks remain sixth in the West it is largely Doncic’s fault. The Balkan overcame another unfortunate night in the outside shot (0/5 in triples) to lead his team in the capital of California. His averages remain scandalous (28.9 points, 9.6 rebounds and 8.8 assists), but in recent games he had abused the shot. Doncic, who came from playing last night against the Warriors and gave only 2 assists, uncovered 17, his personal record. His third quarter (11 points and 6 rebounds) was decisive to end the resistance of the Kings. Doncic’s party ratified Steve Kerr’s claims just 24 hours earlier. “He is more than a wonderful basketball player, he is different. He has the ability to see the court and always be one step ahead. It reminds me a little of Larry Bird in that sense, but with the skill set that James Harden has, “said the Warriors coach.

Marc’s return and duel of the Hernangómez

After almost a month off – his last game was on December 18 against the Pistons -, Marc came back with the Raptors. In his absence the Toronto team has had a balance of six wins and six losses. Ibaka has become a decisive piece, but with the turn of the center the Canadians are much more competitive. The Thunder were imposed by 121-130. Marc spent 32 minutes on the court and had time to score 15 points, catch 5 rebounds and give 6 assists. Ibaka also scored 15 points and caught 6 rebounds.

The duel between the Hernangómez It was for Juancho’s Nuggets. The forward was 18 minutes on the court. He remained without scoring, caught 3 rebounds and gave one assists. Willy is taking advantage of the time granted by his coach in recent games. The pivot had 11 minutes to score 5 points and catch 6 rebounds. The surprise of the night was the defeat of the Lakers against the Magic (118-119). The Californians accused Anthony’s loss and despite the 19 points and 19 assists of LeBron James suffered his eighth loss of the season. Harden lived his worst night of the year by scoring only 13 points against the Blazers when his average exceeds 35.

Results: Boston Celtics, 103-Detroit Pistons, 116; Philadelphia Sixers, 117-Brooklyn Nets, 106; Miami Heat, 106-San Antonio Spurs, 100; Chicago Bulls, 115-Washington Wizards, 106; Oklahoma City Thunder, 121-Toronto Raptors, 130; Minnesota Timberwolves, 99-Indiana Pacers, 104; Denver Nuggets, 100-Charlotte Hornets, 86; Houston Rockets, 107-Portland Trail Blazers, 117; Sacramento Kings, 123-Dallas Mavericks, 127 and Los Angeles Lakers, 118-Orlando Magic, 119.



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