Robert Moreno (Monaco coach, after a 1-3 loss to Strasbourg) : “It’s a horrible feeling. We started the match well. But after the first goal, it was a disaster. It’s difficult to attack a team that is waiting for us. There was not a good feeling with the ball, on the traffic, to attack the spaces. He lacked quality in the passes, good preparation for the match, my quality in my choices … What happens on the field is my responsibility. I need to explain better to the players. Today, we are not the worst in the world. (…) This is my team. Whether there is defeat or victory. I think my players are the best. We have to work more. Yes, we can solve the defensive problem. It is not a question of a single player or a single line. (On Fabrégas) In Paris, when he makes decisive passes, I am not asked the question. (…) It is certain that if players like Keita, Augustin or Slimani are missing, something will have to be done. We play again very quickly in the Cup. It’s very good to forget. ”



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