Mamadou Sakho is definitely not varnished this season. Once again injured in the hamstring two weeks ago and unavailable for a “long period”, according to Roy Hodgson, the coach of Crystal Palace, the former Parisian defender was the victim of a burglary during the holidays end of year. And the loot collected from his London home is not small, according to the London Evening Standard. It would amount to 500,000 pounds, or about 600,000 euros.

Mamadou Sakho, his wife and their three children were absent during the burglary which would have taken place on December 27 around 1:30 pm, in the upscale district of Wimbledon. The next day, Mamadou Sakho played a Premier League match against Southampton. ” Everything is fine. Me and my wife are fine, ”Mamadou Sakho said to the Evening Standard. The former Liverpool player and French defender and international PSG from Crystal Palace rents his house to ex-French player Nicolas Anelka.

Anelka’s house had already been visited

On Wednesday, London police released a photo of a woman filmed by a surveillance camera and with whom she wants to speak. “We believe that two suspects committed this burglary, but we would like to speak to the woman photographed, who was seen near the location on the day of the incident,” added the police.

In recent years, the area has been targeted by several burglaries, including Astrit Kapaj, a virtuoso burglar nicknamed “Wimbledon prowler” by the press and finally sentenced in 2019 to fourteen years in prison after having escaped from the police for many years. He had notably entered the home of former tennis player Boris Becker as well as the house of Anelka while the latter was present, according to the press.


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