Mahut on conditions in Melbourne: “We are doing well with just one dropout” – Open Australia

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LE SCAN SPORT – Nicolas Mahut returned to The Team on Thursday on the conditions under which the players had to start the Australian Open. A shout. Struck with the seal of common sense and experience.

Beaten 6-3, 6-4 on 1st Australian Open qualifier Nicolas Mahut on Thursday expressed his wrath in The Team over the conditions under which players must express themselves. The title holder of the double (with Pierre-Hughes Herbert) sums up: accompany: “The priority is the conditions where there are fires and certainly not tennis. Afterwards, speaking of sport, I was extremely surprised. I think there was a gap between what was announced by the tournament – we will protect the players as much as possible, this is our priority – and what happened on Tuesday. For me, it was not playable. ”

Renowned for his outspokenness, he explains: “I find it hard to understand that the city of Melbourne closes swimming pools, cancels horse races, asks its inhabitants to spend as little time as possible outside, to put the animals company inside, and at the same time we let the tournament run normally with players, ball pickers and fans. If they had been jogging for 30 minutes outside under these conditions, they might have reviewed their judgment. We are doing well with just one dropout. ”

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Nicolas Mahut (37) who had posted a photo on Instragram on Wednesday, dressed in a protective mask, before diving into the tournament, says: “I am a non-smoker, but on Tuesday I felt like I had passed the day locked up in a room full of smokers. It was really not pleasant. In the morning, I stopped training after 40 minutes. I think I would not have been able to play my game that day. “The players planned to hold a meeting this Friday to discuss the situation, share concerns after the fears felt Tuesday on the first day of Australian Open qualifications.



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