Luariz returns to training after his serious injury: “I am glad to have laces, I already missed them”

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Gorka Luariz It is getting closer to playing a game again. The Arenas striker, although without a chip at this time, has already started stepping on the grass of Gobela and Fadura with the rest of his teammates once the serious injury suffered in the first season match against Salamanca UDS. The prognosis could not be worse with a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, internal lateral ligament grade 1 and a small sprain in the external meniscus of his right leg. Five months in the dry dock. «I am very happy after so much time outside», confesses the player, who adds that «I have felt like a footballer again, I just have to put on my boots».

In its second stage in the red and black team after the military from January to June 2015, when it was an active part in the ascent to Second B, last week it was exercised even more smoothly. Racing, acceleration … «I am glad to have laces, my whole life with them and I already missed them», he jokes. Regarding the crossing in the desert through which it has passed, he does not hesitate to describe it as “horrible, the first months you do not know where to get and all the time thinking and nothing good”, he points out while waiting for the medical discharge, scheduled for 10 of March. Now, his most desired goal is “to gradually recover the form and play again.”

In this sense, he confesses that “I have had a conversation with the coaching staff and they have told me that they are going to find me something.” Most likely, “try one assignment to a set of Third Division, so as not to have to spend the whole year without playing and thus be picking up pace in a softer category than in Second B ».

Regarding the dynamics of his teammates, he says that “he has greatly improved and they have turned the situation around.” Not surprisingly, «we have been last for several days and now we are in positions of salvation. It is to be very proud, ”he emphasizes with a smile.

Now the group objective is to “save the category as soon as possible”. According to his balance of the season, “we started very badly and the start is the most important because if you add a good mattress of points, then it is very difficult to get in trouble.”



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