The ticket prices were tripled by the black market on the outskirts of the Quisqueya stadium this Friday, for the decisive match between the Cibaeñas Eagles and the Licey Tigers.

Listin Diario reporters were able to verify that in the ticket office of the stadium the price of stands is 200 pesos, preferably RD $ 500, Double A RD $ 800 and Boxes A RD $ 1,000.

However, the offers that surround the place triple the price of the officially established rates for those of Palco A, costing between RD $ 3,500 and RD $ 4,000, Preference RD $ 1,500 and RD $ 2,000, Grades RD $ 1,000 and RD $ 1,500.

Several of the buyers were outraged at the high prices and the obvious disorder in the ranks of the stadium to acquire ticket offices.



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