The rumors were true and this Tuesday they were confirmed. America presented a very peculiar third uniform in turquoise blue which has caused mixed opinions among fans of the Eagles.

Already a few weeks ago the design had leaked into specialized pages in soccer apparel, but Coapa’s box made it official until today.

The model is the same as the first uniform, however the color attracts a lot of attention and taking as a detail the change from yellow to a more opaque one in the chest triangles.

For some seasons Coapa have had a third design in their official jerseys, the latter being somewhat controversial. Like the orange in tribute to Chespirito or the whites they had from 2012.

It is not yet known exactly when they could release this new shirt, although it is not ruled out that they do it on Saturday when they debut at the Clausura 2020 receiving Tigers on the Aztec court.



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