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Is Odermatt jeopardizing his health on the Streif?


No other Marco Odermatt in the Swiss Ski team knows Marc Gisin as well. The Obwaldner and the Nidwaldner often share the room in the ski circus. When Gisin hears from BLICK on the phone that the Beaver Creek triumphant is making his comeback at the Super-G on the Streif, he is totally surprised: “Wow, that’s just a little cool!” Gisin wants to express that It takes a lot of courage to contest his first race in Kitzbühel after an injury.

Austria’s ski legend Hans Knauss reacts similarly at first. “The Marco really has to be a wild dog!” But in the same breath, the Kitzbühel winner from 1999 begins to make his own statement about the more relative: “It would be really dangerous if he made his comeback here on the downhill. But the Streif-Super-G sounds a lot wilder than it really is. It has much less direction changes here than other Super-Gs. That is why it is exactly the right track for Odermatt to get back into the rhythm of the race. »


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