A very excited AC Milan faces this Monday for the 18th day of the A series to Sampdoria, in a game that generates a lot of expectation for the possible debut of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

That was Ibrahimovic’s first goal after returning with Milan

And it is that the Swede has also spicy the issue before the expected meeting and launched a challenge to all the rossonera fans. The Swede asks that San Siro may be bursting.

In statements that it collects Corriere della Sera, the 38-year-old attacker expects the followers of the Milan They can answer or just won’t play.

” How many spectators are expected in San Siro? ” Ibra and his answer was: ‘60,000? Well, I hope that at least 70,000 can attend, otherwise I will not play. ”

Milan coach response

After the controversial statements of the forward, Stefano Pioli, coach of the Lombard club, has wanted to lower the euphoria around Zlatan.

Ibrahimovic: “I’m not here to dance next to the Devil.”

” He is not the savior of the country and will not solve all the problems. Of course it is an advantage to have it, but he will not win the matches by himself. We have to do more, ” he said.



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