The winter market occupied most of the press conference of Zinedine Zidane on the eve of the debut of Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey before him Unionists of Salamanca. The coach of the whites admitted that there is an offer from Bayern to get the assignment of Álvaro Odriozola, who has barely played this season. Zidane implied that the march of the Basque side is likely: “It is not yet official, but it has an option. We will see what happens, ”he said.

By the words of Zidane it seems unlikely that Madrid will make short-term incorporations beyond that of the young flamenco midfielder Reinier Jesus, a signing for Castilla. “Although everything can happen until January 31, I don’t think we sign anyone. I will not remove one player (Odriozola) to get another. The template is long. ” He also denied the return of Jesús Vallejo: “At the moment there is no option.”

Bad condition of the pitch

The Pistas field dawned today snowy

Madrid has bad experiences in coperas qualifiers to a match. Zidane said he was warned and the team aware of what awaits him. This morning the stadium of Las Pistas was covered with snow. Zidane does not see in the bad conditions of the pitch major problem: “All players started playing in difficult fields, even ten or fifteen years ago. Mentally and sportively we are prepared. We know where we are going to play. ”

A recurring controversy this season in Madrid is the low presence in the lineups of James and Bale. Zidane said they did not play against Sevilla because they had discomfort but announced that the two are ready for tomorrow. “I count on them. The other day they didn’t play for small physical problems, but now they are available. ” Asked if players of his quality would not be lazy to have to play in a field like Las Pistas, Zidane was clear: “Here you have to be for what we have to do. In the end it is a match and our duty is to always be prepared. ”

Barça de Setién

“Each team has its way of winning”

Barcelona’s more than one thousand passes against Granada in Setién’s debut on the Camp Nou bench were also the subject of a question. Zidane eluded an evaluative response: “Every team wants to win and everyone has their way of doing it.”

Nor did Zidane get wet about whether Areola is going to be the Cup’s goalkeeper: “That you will see tomorrow”, or if the new signings, Reinier, will train with the first team and play with the subsidiary: “He is not yet with us . We must go step by step. When it arrives, we will see what we do. In principle it will go with Castilla. Like all Brazilians it is technically very good. With the videos you get an idea, but I will wait. ”


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