Has UEFA put Ronaldo on their typical team despite the votes of internet users?

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Instrumentalization of democracy or logical arrangement? UEFA finds itself in the middle of a small controversy after having unveiled Wednesday the typical team of the year of the fans, constituted after more than two million votes on line. And according to the British tabloid the Daily Mail, the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo in this eleven is not the pure product of popular will …

The newspaper claims that Juventus Turin striker was only fourth in the attacking category, behind Barça rival Lionel Messi, Liverpool player Sadio Mané or Bayern Munich center-forward Robert Lewandowski. In order not to remove one of the biggest stars in world football from the team, UEFA would have chosen to opt for a 4-2-4, ejecting a midfielder from this formation. In this case, French Chelsea N’Golo Kanté.

“The formation of the team of the year has been chosen to reflect the votes of the supporters in parallel with the players’ achievements in UEFA competitions,” said a UEFA spokesperson, contacted by the Daily Mail. As a result, there are five Champions League winners and four League of Nations finalists (Editor’s note: between Portugal by Ronaldo and the Netherlands by De Jong, De Ligt and Van Dijk). The training changes regularly and this year is no exception. “

A year ago, the governing body of European football opted for a 4-3-3. But two seasons ago, the typical supporter team was set up in a 4-4-2, which featured PSG Dani Alves’ right side.


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