Dear visitors, follow us live and direct coverage of the match between Egypt and Algeria in the African Handball Championship semi-finals in Tunisia, which qualify for Tokyo 2020.

Egypt will meet Algeria in order to cross to the African Handball Final.

Egypt won the first group in the main round with 6 points.

While Algeria ranked second in the second group in the main round with 4 points.

The winner of the Egypt-Algeria match will meet the winner of the Tunisia-Angola match in the African Handball Championship final.

Summary of the first half

Egypt did not enter the game well in the first five minutes of its start, as its players scored only two goals, including one from a penalty kick, and in return, the Algerian team scored 3 goals.

Although Algeria advanced by two goals again, the Egyptian team managed to tie again at the 9th minute, taking advantage of a numerical deficiency in the Algerian team, after its player Hicham Daoud stopped for two minutes.

Egypt led for the first time in the match in the middle of the first half, after Muhammad Sanad scored the eighth goal for Egypt.

Despite Egypt’s lead by two goals, but Algeria again tied again at the score 9-9, ten minutes before the end of the first half.



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