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Dallas Keuchel faced the scandal of stealing the Houston Astros sign on Friday. The former Astros starter appeared in front of the press in Chicago during the annual Sox Fest convention and apologized for the deceptive ploy.

“That’s just what baseball was like at the time,” Keuchel said for the Chicago Sun TimesMadeline Kenney. “Was it against the rules? Yes, it was. And personally I’m sorry for what happened for the whole situation.”

A Cy Young winner in 2015, Keuchel joined the Chicago White Sox with a three-year deal of $ 55.5 million in late December, a few weeks before MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred revealed the details of the scandal in a nine-page report.

Keuchel’s comments may raise some eyebrows across the league, especially as MLB continues to investigate the Boston Red Sox for allegedly using the video replay room to learn the signs of opponents during the 2018 World Series winning season, according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich.

It could also explain why some players have directed anger at former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers, who has blown the whistle on the operation. At the moment the championship has not announced any investigation into other teams.

When asked about Fiers, Keuchel called him on “difficult subject”.

The 32-year-old left-handed also said that the Astros weren’t cheating every game. Nonetheless, damage was done to the Houston organization – which lost four drawdown projects as part of its punishment – along with the reputation of former managers Alex Cora, AJ Hinch, Carlos Beltran, among others, and integrity baseball.

Keuchel expects more players to apologize soon. In one of the most controversial moves in Manfred’s investigation, the commissioner guaranteed immunity to players who have spoken truthfully about the sign theft system.

Astros owner Jim Crane noted that the team would have more to say after spring training it will open next month.

In the meantime, Keuchel said that advanced technology should be used by all or none of the teams. Given that secret professional sports teams with proprietary information are known, it could be an unrealistic dream. However, it is something that baseball will need to consider as it appears to restore confidence in the game.

Keuchel’s commentary on baseball status further illuminates the amount of mistrust currently surrounding the MLB.



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