Five years later, Laurine Lecavelier must face a new test. At the end of 2014, the skater – who jointly led a life of undergraduate student in language sciences at Paris-Descartes University and high-level sportswoman in Garges – had been burned out. Today, the 23-year-old French team skater is in turmoil because she has to face suspicion of drugs.

Traces of cocaine would have indeed been detected during a control carried out during the Master of Villard-de-Lans, which she had just won at the end of September. The last competition in which she participated. Since then, the native of Enghien has forfeited the Grand Prix of France and then the French Championships because of “a tear in the hamstrings,” she announced. “In my day, it would have been impossible in relation to his behavior in everyday life. She was very careful with her medication, it’s very surprising, says Katia Lemaire, Laurine Lecavelier’s first coach. We talked about it today (NDRL: this Friday) with skaters and we’re all stuck with this announcement. “

Katia Lemaire trained the Val-oisienne nugget, who has a big deaf sister, for 15 years (from 4 to 19 years old).

She had added a new coach

“She was a normal child, quite voluntary, then a somewhat rebellious teenager, but like most of them,” continues the skaters coach from Garges-les-Gonesse. Even if she was not very supervised by her parents, Laurine was serious and brilliant at the level of studies (mention very well in the baccalaureate ST2S, sciences and technologies of health and social). Sportingly, it had the potential at the time to reach the podium at the European Championships and a place in the world top 6. She should also have already participated in the Olympic Games. “

After her burn-out in 2014 and then a complicated 2015-2016 season due to a fatigue fracture, the Ile-de-France started again with a new structure, finishing 5th at the European Championships in 2017 and last year . She was motivated to cross the ladder this season with her new Italian coach (since this summer) Lorenzo Magri and her companion for 5 years Fabian Bourzat (double bronze medalist at the Worlds in 2012 and 2014 with Nathalie Péchalat). But, this runway excursion could well be the last for the member of the CSG Bercy, champion of France 2017. It risks, indeed, a suspension of 4 years, or less, if it demonstrates that the taking of cocaine has taken place outside the competition.


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