The Football Association is poised to cut ties with BBC host Craig Mitch on the historical comments he has made against Liverpool, according to reports.

Mitch, one of the hosts of the Match of the Day MOTDx spin-off, is intended to have an informal deal to present coverage of the English national team on Youtube.

Over the past 12 months, it has been filmed interviewing players and hosting official coverage in both Wembley and St George’s Park for the team’s official channel.

However, the Daily Telegraph reports that the FA is expected to avoid hiring the broadcaster after footage of him making scornful insults on Liverpool was shared on social media in November.

BBC host Craig Mitch was used to host Youtube content in England

According to the publication, Mitch is unlikely to be used for the next friendlies against Italy and Denmark, despite statements by the governing body that has yet to make a decision on its presenters for the two games.

Although he quickly apologized for the clip, which was filmed several years before he started working for the FA, it is said that the body does not want to risk further attacks on its credibility following the recent controversy over the bookmakers who have screened matches of FA Cup on a bet basis to keep an eye on.

In the video, which appeared on the Youtube channel Filthy Fellas, the presenter described the city as a “asshole” and stated that the people who live there “don’t know what a job it is”.

The broadcaster apologized for the old comments he made on the Youtube show Filthy Fellas

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Mitch apologized immediately after the footage surfaced in November, explaining that the clip was “five years old” and did not reflect his true views.

At that moment she tweeted: “I apologize for the crime that these comments could cause and I only know that these are not my point of view on a place for which I have a lot of respect.

“Sometimes as football fans, we push the jokes too far. So, I did it and I apologize for that.”

In the meantime, Mitch is believed to focus once again on his self-produced social media content.



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