Erling Haaland shoots Borussia Dortmund to victory in Augsburg

    Dhe man, who stands for the vision of titles in Dortmund, came in the 56th minute. In the 59th he let the Bundesliga feel his elemental force, which is said to be, for the first time. Erling Haaland, 19 years old, Norwegian, committed for twenty million euros from Salzburg, heaved the ball into the goal of FC Augsburg, right next to the post. And he continued running at the undiminished pace to the curve with the appendix from Dortmund. That was his idea! Haaland could not have had a more spectacular debut.

    From then on he was at the center of the Dortmund game, and from an embarrassing 1: 3 deficit to a 5: 3 victory, from a helpless team to a determined one. Already two minutes after the 2: 3 Dortmund equalized to 3: 3, scorer was Jadon Sancho, but Haaland, the source of energy, was not far from the scene. And finally the 4: 3 for BVB: classic goal scoring, Thorgan Hazard put in the middle, Haaland pushed in, the legality of the hit was confirmed by video evidence (70.). Was something missing from Haaland’s impressive performance show? A solo attempt to shake off his pursuers – please: So he scored the 5: 3 in the 79th minute.

    In front of the microphone, however, he was very shy. The 19-year-old Norwegian found his three-goal gala “nice” in the Sky interview. Sparkling emotions after your dream debut? None. “I am very calm,” said BVB’s highly acclaimed winter entry: “I don’t know why either.” Meanwhile, captain Marco Reus reminded the newcomer of an important task: “He has not yet given his debut. now he can’t get around it. ”Haaland himself felt like more after the first few minutes of the Bundesliga. When asked if he was already ready for 90 minutes, he answered a little more researched: “How did it look?”

    At half-time, BVB had every reason to wonder how it would be if he played with a center forward. Certainly not 0: 1 from the Dortmund perspective. It was by no means the case that the Borussia did not convert their dominance, which was expressed in the statistics in 72 percent possession, into goal chances. In fact, they regularly managed to allude to the player who was actually in a comfortable final position so that he had a clear shot.

    But Marco Reus in particular didn’t make anything out of the templates from Jadon Sancho (8th minute) and Axel Witsel (29th). Either the international did not hit the ball properly or he played it against the direction of the Augsburg goalkeeper Tomas Koubek, but also past his box. Hazard and Sancho also had their moments when a goal would have been possible, but they failed – due to Koubek or the lack of precision in the conclusion.

    FC Augsburg, in turn, had developed astonishing effectiveness in its offensive campaigns before the winter break, and with exactly the line-up that had settled in during the November-December high, it added to the Dortmund defense. Ball conquest, pass on the wing, cross to the center, that is the simple pattern of the Bavarian Swabians. It worked in the 21st and 34th minutes. The first goal – it would have been from Vargas on Niederlechner’s side – was not recognized, the preparer had been sidelined. But the second goal counted. The roles were reversed: After a bad pass by Thorgan Hazard, Vargas dismantled the Dortmund defense with a solo on the left side, Niederlechner completed with his eighth goal of the season.

    At the moment of the 1-0, a sleet started, it matched the situation of BVB. Until Haaland came into play, BVB was unable to achieve much. Apart from the 1-2 goal from Julian Brandt (49th), in which the Augsburg goalkeeper Koubek assisted with a failed attempt to fist. However, a goal had previously been scored against Dortmund: Marco Richter kept it on twenty seconds after the restart. Akanji had the ball on his feet and goalkeeper Bürki was nowhere. The Augsburg 3: 1 by Niederlechner (55th) seemed like a decision, but then Erling Haaland took off his warm-up vest.

    For the FC Augsburg it was a bitter turn. Unlike the 1: 5 defeat at the start of the season in Dortmund, the FCA acted according to plan for a long time. It was also not the case that the team of Swiss coach Martin Schmidt collapsed after the 3-1 lead; it was simply unlucky to have to attend a historic Bundesliga debut on the opposing side. The Augsburgers also brought their winter access, the midfielder Eduard Löwen borrowed from Hertha BSC. None in the Erling Haaland category, but that was clear from the start.




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