The forward LeBron James, of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Slovenian base Luka Doncic, of the Dallas Mavericks, returned to be key in the triumphs of their respective teams as visitors in the day of the NBA.

In addition, they were also those who also received the highest number of popular votes so that they could claim to be as headlines in the 69th edition of the All-Star Party that will be played on February 16, at the United Center in Chicago.

James finished with 6,275,459 votes, while Doncic, just 20 years old, was second in the fan preferences with 6,111,735 fans, within the Western Conference team, which allowed him to surpass the Greek power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, who finished third (5,902,286), but leader and captain in the East.

Then came the competition and James responded with a triple-double (27 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists) – tenth of the season – achieved at the Barclays Center in New York, where he arrived and imposed his status as ‘King’ of the NBA in the 113-128 victory he gave to the Lakers.

He also helped the Lakers to score 19 triples, the best team mark so far this season, and his 27 points, put him only 18 to overcome in third place in the list of top scorers of all time at former Lakers escort, Kobe Bryant, who has stated that he is “glad” that James surpasses his individual mark.

The Lakers star can get it on Saturday and nothing less than in Philadelphia, Bryant’s birth city, five-time league champion, when the Angelian team faces visitors to the Sixers.

James already owns the 33,626 point mark, while Bryant finished his 20-year professional career, all with the Lakers.

“It’s a surreal thing that might be close to beating Bryant’s brand-name brand,” said James, 35.

Alongside James, power forward Anthony Davis, who will also be in the five Western Conference headline, responded with a double-double of 16 points and 11 rebounds.

Another tall man, the reborn pivot Dwight Howard, who already announced that he will compete again next February in a math contest, something he had not done since 2009, a year after winning the title after starring in the famous jump and mate Dressed as “Superman,” he also contributed a double-double of 12 goals and 12 rebounds.

The Nets, although they had back in the five holder to the star base Kyrie Irving, who contributed 20 points, in the end they could not stand the pace of the Lakers and especially their power within the painting.

For his part, Doncic was once again the leader of the attack and winner of the Mavericks who outperformed visitors to the Portland Trail Blazers 125-133.

Doncic, in his team game version, contributed 24 points, nine assists and six rebounds that left him at the head of a list of seven Mavericks players with two-digit numbers.

The former Real Madrid player left the Mavericks game on track with the 20 goals he scored in the first quarter and then received all kinds of support from his teammates.

Among them, the Latvian pivot Kritaps Porzingis who achieved another 20 goals and captured five balls under the hoops.

While the team got 20 triples, sixth time it does so far this season, with the bases, the headline Seth Curry, and the reserve Jalen Bruson who had four each, and 17 goals.

The combination of the 20 triples of the Mavericks and the 23 that achieved the Trail Blazers tied the best mark that is established in the NBA.

The victory of the Mavericks left them with a mark of 28-16 to remain alone at the head of the classification of the Southwest Division, where the Houston Rockets (27-16), who had a rest day, are seconds, half game.

The base Damian Lillard, who in the previous game had established the best mark of his career with 61 points and the league so far this season, this time reached 47 points, distributed eight assists and captured six rebounds, not prevented the defeat of the Trail Blazers.

Lillard became the first player in the history of the Trail Blazers franchise to score more than 100 points in two games.

The Washington Wizards forgot about the loss they had last night against the Miami Heat and with the leading guard Bradley Beal, who contributed 36 points, beat visitors 112-124 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Beal scored 15 of 22 field shots and distributed eight assists in the 29 minutes he played after having achieved 38 goals the night before against the Heat and 31 of 46 in the combination of basket shots between the two games.

The base Collin Sexton with 29 points was the leader of the Cavaliers attack, but they did not prevent the Cleveland team from suffering the sixth consecutive and eleventh defeat in the last 13 games played.

Power forward Larry Nance Jr. finished with 22 goals and another tall man, also number 4, Kevin Love scored 21 points with the Cavaliers.



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