Conor McGregor has promised that the blood will be divided when he faces Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone at UFC 246 on Saturday – but insists it won’t be bad blood.

“Notorious” fights for the first time in 15 months in Las Vegas this weekend, coming face to face with his opponent at a final press conference early Thursday morning.

Previous pre-combat press conferences involving McGregor have been remembered for colorful language, even more colorful clothes and strange contempt.

This, however, was a much friendlier relationship with McGregor and Cerrone laughing and smiling during their exchanges with the assembled press – with the Dubliner interrupting even a question to integrate “Cowboy” on his snakeskin suit.

McGregor was a much more relaxed figure than the one on display in his October 2018 encounter with the bitter enemy Khabib Nurmagomedov – or the one who joined Floyd Mayweather on a wild press tour around the world the previous summer.

“I haven’t changed too much, I am who I am,” said McGregor. “Sure, he’s an opponent and different circumstances, but I’m excited to be here. I have a solid opponent, a game veteran. I’m in a good position and happy to be here.”

“There will be blood shed on January 18th, but it won’t be bad blood.”

Although there was a lot of respect, McGregor’s confidence in his abilities remains more true than ever, promising to knock out Cerrone and embark on his most successful year.

“I feel I have the advantage of speed. I am confident and fully committed. I made this game what it is. I will remind everyone.

“I can read Donald Duck like a children’s book.”

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Why does McGregor behave so differently with Cowboy?

“I’m as real as possible. I react to how the situation is. This situation seems to be a little different, so I react accordingly. I’m just real.”



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