The German handball players missed the medal target at the European Championship, but celebrated a conciliatory tournament finish with fifth place due to the 29:27 against Portugal.

The EM certificate of the DHB selection:

1 Johannes Bitter: The return of the 37-year-old world champion from 2007 proved to be a direct hit. Moderate start of the tournament, but then strong backing in goal and motivator also outside the field. Grade: 2

3 Uwe Gensheimer: That was not the captain’s tournament – again. Saw the red card in the first game and then played well below his potential. Grade: 5

4 Johannes Golla: The 22 year old circuit runner only came to the team for the main round. Showed good approaches and a lot of effort. In this form, he will get more chances. Grade: 3+

7 Patrick Wiencek: The handball player of the year was not fit. Defense as usual as long as the knee held. The last games had to fit. Grade: 3+

9 Tobias Reichmann: The right winger remained pale in the first few games and then lost his regular place. Shone at least in the seven meters as a mostly safe executor. Grade: 4

13 Hendrik Pekeler: The defense strategist, tormented by Achilles tendon problems, bit his teeth and, despite great pain, went to the service of the team. Grade: 2-

20 Philipp Weber: One of the winners in the German team. Was the most constant backspace player in the squad and is a long-term option after this performance. Grade: 2

22 Marian Michalczik: The tournament came too early for the 22-year-old build-up player. Couldn’t give impetus to his occasional missions. Still needs time. Grade: 4-

25 Kai Häfner: The veteran got no consistency in his game. Sometimes international class, sometimes district class. Overall, he lacked the necessary punch and accuracy. Grade: 4

33 Andreas Wolff: The hoped-for support in goal was not constant. Quarreled often with himself and his forefathers, but sometimes also showed his undisputed world class. Note 3

35 Julius Kühn: Two good games are not enough for his requirements. Did not permanently exploit its potential. Above all, needs to improve defensively. Grade: 4+

38 Fabian Böhm: The whole tournament was next to him. At times it seemed agile and made many mistakes. Wasn’t the hoped-for factor in the weakened back room. Grade: 5

48 Jannik Kohlbacher: Played a solid tournament. Attacking the most accurate circuit runner, apart from the last throw against Croatia. In defense still clearly increasing. Note 3

73 Timo Kastening: Cool, cheeky, carefree – the German EM climber. The far right not only set the tone as a cabin DJ. In this form, the team is indispensable. Note 1-

77 David Schmidt: After Franz Semper’s retirement, he slipped into the European Championship squad. Was visibly overwhelmed. Many mistakes, few goals. Grade: 5

93 Patrick Zieker: Mixed tournament premiere for the left wing, whose performances were still too variable. Still, he deserves another chance. Note 3-

95 Paul Drux: Didn’t look trained. Could rarely convincingly fulfill the role of the playmaker intended for him. Is better in the left rear room. Grade: 4


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