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Hertha BSC wants to break into the big, wide football world – but now has a small, embarrassing problem.

In theory, the solution would have been just a few clicks away. If someone had typed the words “DFB” and “valid trainer license” into the search engine in November when Jürgen Klinsmann started as Hertha BSC trainer, the Internet would have spit out the appropriate instructions for use at number 1. Headline: “This is how it works with the trainer licenses …”. Then scroll down briefly on this official website of the German Football Association – and the ambitious Berliners could have avoided an embarrassing problem. Because under the next click, it says: “Renew licenses – how it works” … So far the theory, but the practice is based on the formula for applied bureaucracy, which is not only valid in Germany: From the cradle to the grave, forms , Forms! In short: Even for someone who can refer to experience as a German national coach and US national coach, who was also in a ten-month, turbulent and completed internship at FC Bayern (July 2008 to April 2009), what applies to every trainer The following applies: An A-Trainer license must be renewed every three years! As this was missed at Klinsmann before he started his comeback in the Bundesliga, in a broader legal sense it is a black trip on the coaching bench.

But if you get caught by the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG) without a valid ticket, you pay 60 euros; the DFB is probably getting a little more expensive now. If only to avoid allowing other coaches the argument that there is a perpetual celebrity bonus for former national players. As is well known, it was Klinsmann himself who, in 2000, gathered together deserved people like Sammer, Buchwald or Eilts (“I phoned some boys”) to organize a quick trainer course for world and European champions.

He still has the certificate from back then, but is it only possible to punish its acute invalidity with a fine? There is no protest from the competition against the rating of one of the first five games in which the Hertha coach seemed strictly license-free. But whether Klinsmann is allowed to continue his Berlin project in the prestigious duel against FC Bayern on Sunday, at least as an assessor on the bench, is a new and delicate case for the judiciary of the DFB in view of the external impact. Klinsmann wants to kidnap Hertha from the relegation zone, she should become the top address and whiz into the Champions League as a “Big City Club”. It is already a wild ride today. It is quite possible that there will soon be someone in the way who shouts loudly: The tickets please!



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