The ovation of Istora Senayan from Jakarta was tremendous after Carolina Marín closed the second set against He Bing Jiao. The Spanish defeated China on Saturday in the semifinals of the Indonesian Masters 21-11, 21-19 on the same stage where the crusader broke just a year ago. It was in the final. Since then the date of this tournament is underlined in red by the Huelva and his team. This Sunday will seek to win the final (the rival will come out of the duel between Intanon and Wang) that he had to leave last year because of the serious injury. From the pavilion he went crying and on crutches at the end of January 2019. He landed in Madrid, went through the operating room, began training lame leg a week after the operation and reappeared in September with the aim of, in addition to winning in Indonesia, arrive at the Tokyo Games as seeded. For now, he has already recovered the top ten in the classification.

“We have given a lot of normality to the return to this pavilion. In the first match of the tournament there has been a time when Carolina has become nervous, but we have dramatized it, because we have been preparing it for a long time. Our goal since the injury is to win here, ”says Jakarta Fernando Rivas, the coach of Marín who at the end of the meeting went to greet the audience and throw fliers.

“The first set has followed the game plan perfectly and has made He Bing Jiao make many mistakes, he has made the winning points where he corresponded although he started a little out of the plan. He has immediately re-entered, especially after point 11, we have reminded him of the attack and pressure points he had and did not have to do: there were two banned strikes. It has worked quite well, ”says Rivas. “The second set was played with a little more adverse conditions by the currents of the pavilion and has not known how to use them. Yes he has known in the most difficult moments of the game to apply the game plan that we had planned and stay focused, ”he concludes.

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