According to the “Bild”, the former soccer world champion Mario Götze is about to say goodbye from Dortmund.

As the newspaper reports, the 27-year-old midfielder wants to expire his contract with Borussia, which was dated June 30, 2020, and switch to a free transfer in the summer. Negotiations between the Bundesliga team and the noble technician about extending the collaboration have been unsuccessful for months.

According to reports, Götze does not want to accept a significant salary cut planned by BVB. In addition, his current reserve existence makes it difficult to reach an agreement. The association does not want to comment on the status of the negotiations. Dortmund’s league competitor Hertha BSC and Inter Milan were recently traded as possible new clubs by Götze.

Following Erling Haaland’s recent commitment, Götze’s prospects for a regular spot in the BVB attack have continued to decline. The 20 million euro winter access from Salzburg commented on his move for the first time in the BVB training camp in Marbella. «The people in charge told me. We need you by storm. We are impressed by how you play. After that I had the feeling: Dortmund and I – that fits, »said the Norwegian in an interview with the club’s own TV. Due to a knee injury, Haaland has not yet been able to take part in team training.


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