Retired AFL star Billy Brownless has been labeled “Neanderthal” after saying she “still doesn’t know” if women should play AFL because “girls get hurt.”

The former Geelong player and radio personality were interrogated by Love Island star Erin Barnett for her “truthful opinion on the female footy” when she made the statement.

“I don’t care what your opinion is, I don’t follow footy, I’m just interested in knowing from footy players what their opinion is,” said Barnett.

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Raising his forehead as he approached the question, the sports personality replied, “I don’t know yet if girls should play on foot, I’m not sure. I don’t know if they are made for playing on foot. Don’t be a sexist or anything.”

Brownless continued, “The other things with the girls get hurt and they haven’t been taught how to protect themselves properly. They run in and, bang, make a collarbone,” he said, imitating a collision.

The first season of the AFL women’s league started in February 2017 with 8 teams, expanding to 10 teams by 2019.

It will expand to 14 teams again this year.

Later in the conversation, Brownless stepped back, adding that he believes women will eventually learn how to protect themselves better after growing up around the game.

“They will learn all of this, because now we see girls who really grew up with football like we did and bounce a football.

“You go to half-time games and there are girls who kick half-time. You never saw him, “he said incredulously, adding:” I can’t believe how passionate girls are and they just want to learn. “

After the conversation, presenter Julia Morris bowed her head in mock fatigue, moaning in frustration, before joking; “Is it Jurassic Park I’m listening to? Come on, come on in the hour, babe!

“Oh, watch out for my collarbone!” He added, mocking co-host Dr. Chris Brown.

Viewers watching at home had a reaction similar to that of Brownless’s comments:

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