Biathlon: Benedikt Doll from Germany.

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The World Cup in Biathlon in Ruhpolding will continue with the men’s sprint on Thursday. The race is available today in the live ticker at

Ruhpolding – It continues with the biathlon spectacle in Ruhpolding. On Thursday, the men will contest the sprint, Germany will start Ruhpolding with a wide chest. The sprint starts at 2:30 p.m., is on site and is part of the live ticker today.

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15:34: And the next debutant also seems to be taking his chance. Roman Rees shoots zero when lying down.

15:32: Philipp Nawrath finishes seventh. He was only 2.5 seconds behind fourth place. That was a grand appearance by the 26-year-old, who ran his first World Cup race this season today.

15:29: Nawrath is already losing some time, it will be tight with the podium. Nevertheless, it is a very strong idea here.

15:28: I commit myself, we see a German podium today. Either Doll remains third or Nawrath succeeds in the sensation and he runs right up there.

15:26: It’s a thing. It is the first World Cup race this season for Nawrath and he is about to fight for the podium. It is a furious achievement and will qualify him for the World Cup in Antholz.

15:24: Nawraaaaaath! He also remains standing and is only one second behind Fourcade. There is a sensation in the air here.

15:22: The big surprise from a German perspective could be Philipp Nawrath today. He is still in a very promising position.

15:19: “I have tanked up a lot of sun and strength in the last few days and felt really comfortable at the shooting range. Biathlon is simply fun in these conditions,” says a satisfied Doll in the finish area.

15:17: Philipp Nawrath, who is contesting his first World Cup race this season, with a very strong performance. He stays lying down without mistakes and is also good at running here.

15:13: Philipp Horn shoots one mistake lying and standing. This is good again in terms of running, but with two mistakes that won’t make it into the top ten.

15:12: Vetle Christiansen can’t get past Doll either. The German persists in third place.

15:10: Simon Desthieux finishes and is fourth. France is strong as a team. And thus also in the role of favorites for the season on Saturday.

15:07: Emilien Jacquelin was even on course for victory, but then made a mistake standing up. He no longer wins, but can still run on the podium.

15:05: Now it is time to wait and fear for Benedikt Doll. He is still in third place, but there are still a few people who can be dangerous for the German.

15:03: Too bad Arnd Peiffer will unfortunately miss a top position today. Standing these are two mistakes and therefore too much for the strong competition today.

15:02: Said and done. Fourcade takes the lead ahead of Fillon Maillet and Doll.

15:01: Doll finishes, the spectators carry him across the line. That’s not enough for Fillon Maillet, Doll is second. Fourcade will pass by shortly.

15:00: Fillon Maillet clearly takes the lead. The Frenchman is a candidate for the podium.

14:57: Arnd Peiffer also wants to say a word here. This is a clean shooting, Peiffer takes the lead.

14:56: But victory is only possible with one! Martin Fourcade remains flawless, that could be the Frenchman’s next win.

14:55: Benedikt Doll also flawless on the second shoot! It is a very, very strong performance and will be a top placement.

14:52: Fourcade has so far lived up to its role as favorite. He leads the classification after the first shooting and half of the running distance.

Benedikt Doll at the shooting range

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14:48: Arnd Peiffer is on the line. The crowd cheers.

14:46: And what is Fourcade doing now? He clears everything like clockwork, the Frenchman takes the lead.

14:44: Benedikt Doll is already on the way and approaches the shooting range.

14:41: Johannes Kühn is about to come to the shooting range. He should stay clear, conditions are very good today.

14:39: Fourcade is on the line!

14:38: The first participants come to the shooting range. The race is only really starting now.

14:36: The top favorite today is Martin Fourcade. The Frenchman won both individual races in Oberhof, leads the overall World Cup and starts the race today at 14:39.

14:34: The first German is on the line. Johannes Kühn comes from Reit im Winkl, which is near Ruhpolding. Home game for the 28-year-old.

14:30: It is getting loud. The race is on.

14:28: Johannes Dale is getting ready. 11,500 spectators are here in Ruhpolding. The backdrop is once again outstanding in the Chiemgau Arena.

14:26: It is almost windless in Ruhpolding today. If you want to win here, you have to be flawless at the shooting range.

14:25: So, it goes into the hot phase. It starts in five minutes, the Norwegian Johannes Dale will open the race.

Before the race: Let’s look at the start times. Johannes Kühn is the first German to start at 2:34 p.m. Following: Benedikt Doll (14:37:30), Arnd Peiffer (14:47), Philipp Horn (14:56:30), Philipp Nawrath (15:08:30) and Roman Rees at 15:22:30. Here is the complete start list

Before the race: It is served in the Chiemgau Arena. The stands are constantly filling up, the audience is hot for the second race this week.

Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding on January 16

Before the race: Six athletes are starting for Germany today. Arnd Peiffer, Benedikt Doll, Philipp Horn and Johannes Kühn are an integral part of the German World Cup team. Today they are complemented by Roman Rees and Philipp Nawrath, who will be used for the first time in the 2019/20 World Cup.

Before the race: Let’s take a look at the men’s sprint that starts today at 2:30 p.m. in Ruhpolding. They run ten kilometers, and they go to the shooting range twice. First you shoot while lying down, then you go straight to the stop.

Biathlon in Ruhpolding: The main grandstand is well filled, the fans are eagerly awaiting the start

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Before the race: Hello and welcome to the live ticker at for the biathlon today in Ruhpolding. Today is the men’s sprint, starting at 2:30 p.m. provides you with all information from Ruhpolding in advance.

Biathlon in Ruhpolding: The preliminary report on the live ticker

After the women’s sprint on Wednesday, the men’s race will also start. The German team puts four contenders for the top places at the World Cup in Ruhpolding. Arnd Peiffer and Johannes Kühn were on the podium at the World Cup in Oberhof, Benedikt Doll won the sprint from Annecy and Philipp Horn was in the top ten in Oberhof and is in the best shape of his career.

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The German team is accordingly confident in the sprint on Thursday, which is run over ten kilometers and includes two shooting ranges. Here are all the dates for the World Cup in Ruhpolding

Biathlon in Ruhpolding: Rees and Nawrath celebrate debut

In addition to the four established German World Cup starters, Roman Rees and Philipp Nawrath complete the DSV team. Nawrath and Rees make their debut in the 2019/29 season and replace Simon Schempp and Lucas Fratzscher, who disappointed in Oberhof and were not nominated for the World Cup. Here is the complete start list for the men’s sprint in Ruhpolding

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Biathlon in Ruhpolding: Numerous candidates on the podium

Fourcades compatriots Simon Desthieux and Emilien Jacquelin, the Norwegians Tarjei Boe and Erlend Bjoentegaard, the Russians Alexander Loginow and Matwei Eliseev … The list of candidates for the top places is long. Here you can see the World Cup in Ruhpolding live on TV, live ticker and live stream


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