Before the indoor cup: Oedt wishes Wallern to be the champion

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On Friday, the lower house season will be kicked off with the Upper Austria Auto Günther Hallencup in the Trauner sports hall. The 10th edition of the Upper Austrian band classic is not only about the coveted trophy, but also about prizes with a total value of more than 20,000 euros. These are the most important topics before the anniversary tournament:

The fight for advancement: Before the kick-off event, the exciting fight for the master plate in the Upper Austrian league became a topic. Top favorite Oedt, in fourth place after the autumn season, has a strange wish for spring. “I would like Wallern to assert himself and rise,” said Oedt President Franz Grad. The background: With a new title, his team would have to be relegated to the national league if one did not go to the third-highest division again. Why Grad hopes: “It would be great if the competition didn’t weaken and we didn’t finish first. The OÖ league would be the wish league for Oedt.” But a promotion to the regional league is still not entirely off the table – possibly as a syndicate with another club. Grad: “But it only makes sense if this club could survive alone in the regional league if the worst comes to the worst.”

The favorites: Who will knock Edelweiß Linz off the throne? The Linzers have won the latest two editions – and with their third triumph in a row they could achieve something that no team has yet succeeded in the history of the Upper Austria Indoor Cup. The SPG Wallern / St. Marienkirchen, Oedt, Donau Linz or the SPG Weißkirchen / Allhaming could get involved.

The innovations: While indoor football is playing an increasingly insignificant role in Austria, the 16 Upper Austrian leagues are eager for the successful competition of the Upper Austrian Football Association. This is also due to interesting innovations such as the reduction in the number of players from five to four field players or a modern artificial turf as a new surface. “We want all players to be there, including seasoned players like Schönberger or Guerrib who want to take a look at the artificial turf,” says Bad Schallerbach’s sports director Harald Ruckendorfer.

The transfers: The Upper Austria Indoor Cup is also a successful opportunity to get to know new faces: Oedt has strengthened itself with two kickers from professional football. Daniel Kerschbaumer (most recently Vorwärts Steyr) and Alexander Bauer (GAK) are new. Markus Blutsch joined the SPG Pregarten. Defending champion Edelweiß Linz hired Adilaid Dizdarevic (SC Marchtrenk), an Austrian futsal team player, on time before the band magic.


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