Basque Ball: Yesterday’s results of hand ball



    Championship of Couples. Promotion. Agirre and Eskiroz, 22; Arteaga IIy Urretabizkaia II, 11. Primera. Olaizola II and Urrutikoetxea, 22; Bengoetxea VI and Mariezkurrena II, 13.


    National clubs. Peace of Ziganda, 2; Eple, 1. Four and a half. Rekalde, 18; Adonis, 15. Hand to hand. Development, 18; Aranburu, 11. Couples. Barbajero and Telletxea, 12; Urmeneta and Aranguren, 22.

    Toulouse Beotibar

    Miguel Soroa Memorial. Juvenile. Altuna y Etxebarria, 13; Lizeaga hnos, 22. Promises. Alberdi II and M. Etxeberria, 22; Fernández y Ekain Etxeberria, 16. Elite. Espinal and Aitor Elizegi, 21; Murua and Iker Elizegi, 22.


    Malerreka Championship. Cadet. Orbegozo y Etxartea, 5; Zapirain and Sorondo, 18. Izaguirre and Telletxea, 14; Iriarte and Vertiz, 18. Soto and Astrain, 18; Arraras y Mateorena, 0. Ezkurdia y Goikoetxea, 10; Ruiz and Kariñanos, 18. Migueltorena and Lozano, 13; Leunda and Izagirre, 18. Salaberria y Garaño, 18; Armaolea and Bergua, 5. Miranda and Larrainzar, 2; Usabiaga and Narraspe, 18. Garcia and Leatxe, 18; Etxegarai y Regueiro, 9.


    Malerreka Championship. Juvenile. Armendariz and Santesteban, 18; Imaz and Sarasa, 17. Ezenarro and Loiarte, 18; Uitzi and Lasa, 14. Eizagirre and Olaskoaga, 13; Mitxelena and Aburuza, 18. Ibarluzea and Lizarraga, 18; Gerendain and Olague, 10. Telletxea and Goikoetxeandia, 18; Eizagirre and Alkantara, 0. Olaizola and Astigarraga, 18; Pérez de Lezeta and Larrieta, 10. Enbeita y Sainz, 6; Iriarte and Kañamares, 18. Solatxi and Arbaiza, 11; Egiguren and Larrañaga, 18.


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