According to Barça, the club has been dropped out of the cause by Jaume Roures and the company president, Mediapro, for a suspected espionage case when the club was chaired by Sandro Rosell. The Court of Justice # 8 of Barcelona has agreed to temporarily dismiss the case with respect to Barça, to which Roures and Mediapro imputed their participation in an ongoing offense against personal privacy, as well as a continuing offense of disclosing business secrecy and a continued crime of aggravated theft.

The club is thus out of the cause, but according to SER Catalunya journalist Jordi Martí, a Barcelona judge has opened a suit against Rosell and two of his collaborators, the computer scientist Robert Cama and Joan Carles Raventós, then the right hand of the former Barça president at the Bonus Sport Marketing (BSM). Police claimed in a report that about 14,000 emails were spied on.

A police report reveals that Rosell spied 14,000 Roures emails

The statement issued by Barça states that “the court has concluded that the result of the investigative diligence practices carried out does not allow the existence of sufficient criminal evidence regarding the club’s involvement in the events”.

Mediapro will have to pay 1.2 million to Barça

The Barça organization has also announced that Mediapro has been sentenced to pay € 1,252,034 million to Barça, as the 9th court of Barcelona has dismissed the request in claim of damages. urged by Mediapro against the Barça club in 2018 for alleged breach of contract of assignment of advertising rights.

The amount he was convicted of paying Mediapro to Barça is based on the suit filed by the Barça organization in the judicial framework. This is a kind of counter-claim that the club made in its defense.

In that sense, the ruling determines that Barça regained its advertising rights to the concept in question (the operation of television panels surrounding the Camp Nou pitch) “in a timely and lawful manner in good faith, necessary and not to harm Mediapro, “according to the club.



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