Altuna decides to play in Astelena despite having discomfort

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Jokin Altuna approved yesterday to reappear on Sunday at Astelena, in the match he faces with Ladis Galarza to the leaders of the Couples Championship, Jaka and Zabaleta. The striker Amezketarra dispelled the doubts he had about the state of his left wrist that forced him to leave last Saturday in the Labrit of Pamplona, ​​leaving his position to Elezkano II. He trained for an hour with the defender of Baraibar in a session supervised by Jokin Etxaniz, technical director of Aspe.

In conclusion, he decided to play by having good feelings. «I did a one hour test and I started with fear. It had been ten days without touching ball with the left. The sensations have been positive, I have not had great discomfort and I have found myself well. I have decided to play and I hope to adapt well. I know that I will not be 100% in terms of the game after being so long stopped, but the goal is to arrive well on Sunday and finish the game without discomfort, ”he said.

Altuna dragged problems on his left wrist since January 3 in the Izarraitz de Azpeitia in front of Bengoetxea VI and Mariezkurrena II. Since then he had not touched the left-handed ball again, as a precaution. A continuous effort or a bad blow could have caused an aggravation of the inconvenience. Following the advice of Dr. José María Urrutia, a doctor of Aspe’s pelotaris, he decided to stop. During convalescence he has not neglected physical preparation, but you need to recover the rhythm.

Lack of strength

After the choice of material, he said that «on Monday I was balling from one to one, but I noticed that I had very little strength on the left. The doll notices it, it has no defenses. I feel improvement, but it is a matter of taking away my fear and gaining confidence. If it were a bad hand you know more or less how you are, but with the wrist or any other part of the injured body you do not know how it will be until you do a strong workout. It is also my left wrist, with which I doll a lot ».

It is not the first time he has problems with that joint. «In 2014, a month before I debuted as a professional, I was injured in the GRAVNI final. I had some discomfort that didn’t stop me from playing. And in 2016 I had to stop a month. It was in the same place as now, in the cartilage. It is not a serious injury, there are much more sensitive areas in the wrist, but it is quite tedious. Four years later the discomfort has appeared again, but the important thing, I insist, is that it is nothing serious. You have to take care of this type of injury because then they can continue giving you enough can, ”he said.

Altuna is aware that the challenge entails its difficulty and more before some rivals that so far have proven to be the strongest couple in the championship and who already have almost a foot and a half in the semifinal league automatically. «Jaka and Zabaleta are a very tough couple, they are making a great championship. But all matches are very difficult. We are going to have to suffer against the rest of the couples, but I think that when we play well we are capable of harming ».

There will be a couple against a threesome

Altuna’s decision means that there will be no variations in the couple’s duel against the trio that will open the Astelena festival, a confrontation that was not programmed for quite some time. Therefore, Elezkano II and Bikuña will be measured at Peio Etxeberria, Darío and Tolosa.



Irribarria and Rezusta:

They chose slightly quieter balls, 105.4, 106.4 and 104.9 grams.

Ezkurdia and Martija:

they opted for faster material, which gave the scale 105.9, 106.4 and 106.7 grams.


Bengoetxea and Mariezkurrena:

they were left with leathers of 104.8, 105.2 and 104.6 grams.

Laso and Albisu:

they also left the most alive in the carrot and separated from 104.5, 104.2 and 105.1 grams.

Today at Bilbao Bizkaia, turn for Ander Imaz

The other big question of the week is the state of health of Ander Imaz. The defender suffered a puncture in the back of the right leg in the last goals of Friday’s game at the Sahatsaga de Getaria, in the hamstring area. After resting at the weekend and taking massage, on Monday he underwent an ultrasound in Logroño, the results of which ruled out a possible fiber break. You only have one edema in the semitendinous muscle. Imaz went on Tuesday to the election of Mungia material, where it is announced on Saturday with Artola before Olaizola II and Urrutikoetxea, and today in the morning in the Bizkaia of Bilbao, where Baiko’s pelotais and technicians are scheduled for a photo shoot and various talks, will conduct a final test with Pablo Berasaluze.



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