Matías Almeyda, coach of San José Earthqaukes, revealed that his departure from Chivas was due to differences he had with a leader who at that time worked for Guadalajara, a team he left in 2018 when the institution had as executives José Luis Higuera Y Francisco Gabriel de Anda, who were under the orders of George Y Amaury Vergara

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“What we live in Mexico was quite strong as a coaching staff, the truth is that we found a club with a lot of passion, a club that is Mexico, Chivas is Mexico. Chivas has 40 million fans and that club was about to descend and in two and a half years we reached seven finals, of which we won five. We had to go for differences with some leader who had Chivas at that time, ”he said in an interview to TyC Sports.

The del Pelado ’exit of the rojiblanca squad triggered the resignation of Francisco Gabriel de Anda; while José Luis Higuera remained in the club until mid-2019, when Amaury Vergara took control of Guadalajara.

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Almeyda said he is happy in the MLS team, with which he reiterated that for now his intention is to fulfill his contract, after three years.

“I arrived a year ago, with a project in which they let me develop something they had been doing. It is a process that will take a while, it is slow, but for now I plan to be there, for now. I always watched football in the United States, a football which is growing, with a very important organization and football is being underestimated because there is a mix between what Europe is and that is what Mexican football becomes. ”



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