Khaled Mahmoud, the doctor of Al-Ahly Club, revealed the recent developments of the injured players in the team.

The team’s doctor told Al-Ahly channel Thursday evening that Sharif Ekrami, the team’s goalkeeper, had insisted on traveling with the team to Zimbabwe, and was continuing his treatment program with the team’s mission.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Platinum in the fourth stage of the group stage of the Champions League scheduled for next Saturday.

Regarding the injury of Saad Samir, the team’s doctor said that he was presented to the consultant doctor who preferred to stay until next Friday, before returning to Egypt and staying for 4 weeks, then traveling again to follow up his condition.

The team’s doctor set the date for the return of midfielder Hamdi Fathi, after 9 months, noting that the doctors abroad saw that the player’s injury to the cartilage of the outer knee allowed to “sew” it, because of its positive impact on the player in the long run.

He explained that Hamdi Fathi will travel on January 18 to the doctor abroad, for a medical examination, expecting his condition will improve in the near future.

Regarding the long absence of Karim Nedved, he pointed out that the player is in one of the qualification stages, the doctors abroad wanted to expedite his return, but the player did not respond to the extra loads and started the emergence of some infections on his knee, so that the player returns to the steps back in the qualification at slow loading rates, expected that the player will return After 3 to 4 weeks.

He also pointed out that Ramadan Sobhi has improved dramatically after suffering a major tear in the back muscle, expecting that he will start the last stage of qualification after the Platinum Games in the Champions League scheduled for Saturday, and Tanta scheduled for January 15.

On the authority of Mohamed Mahmoud, he said: “The player performed cruciate ligament surgery, and he is now in an advanced stage of rehabilitation.”

He talked about the situation of the duo closest to returning to the stadiums among the injured players: “Hussein Al-Shahat suffered inflammation in the pelvic bone and the connective muscle, while Mahmoud Waheed suffered a bruising foot in his foot in a teary crack, and they are in the last part of the rehabilitation, in preparation for returning to the stadiums.”



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