Agent’s Take: 2019 Contract Awards, with Ryan Tannehill and the other best and worst purchases of the 2019 NFL

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The financial landscape of the NFL was assessed through awards for the seventh consecutive year on with the regular season in the books. These awards differ from traditional NFL awards because they are from an economic perspective that emphasizes the 2019 veteran acquisitions.

Players acquired from exchanges or in free agency can have a huge impact on the fortunes of an NFL team. No consideration was given to beginners because their salaries are a function of the beginners’ draft position and salary scale. The same applies to players who participate in limited free agent offers since the amounts are set by the NFL collective bargaining agreement.

Most valuable acquisition

The Titans did not go anywhere with a 2-4 record before placing Tannehill in the initial lineup. Tannehill was acquired by the Dolphins, along with a 2019 sixth round pick, a 2019 seventh round pick and a 2020 fourth round pick during the offseason in case Marcus Mariota suffered another injury or staggered . To facilitate trade, Tannehill suffered a sharp drop in wages in a contract renegotiation that saw his 2019 salary drop from $ 18.75 million to $ 7 million, of which the Dolphins paid $ 5 million. The new deal allowed Tannehill to earn up to $ 12 million in incentives, also canceling his 2020 contract year for wage cuts. Tannehill earned an additional $ 3.175 million in incentives.

The Titans made the playoffs as an AFC joker going 7-3 with Tannehill as the initial quarterback. Tannehill led the NFL with a score of 117.5 passers-by and an attempt of 9.6 yards per pass. He finished third in the championship with a completion rate of 70.3. Passers’ score 117.5 is the fourth best single in the NFL season.

In the 10 games Tannehill was in the center, Tennessee averaged 30.4 points, which was the fourth best in the NFL at the time. The titans were in 28th place with 16.3 points when Mariota was starting. Offensive yards have also increased dramatically from 290.5 per game, 27th in the NFL, to the third best league at 406.2 yards in games started by Tannehill.

Tannehill was named the AFC offensive player of the month for December. In five games in December, Tannehill connected 90 of 132 passes (68.2 completion percentage) for 1,322 yards with 12 touchdowns and two interceptions. Her passers-by score was 124.6.

Second classified: Shaquil Barrett (Edge) -Buccaneers; Marcus Peters (CB) -Ravens; the Smith Brothers (Edge) -Packers

Minimum acquisition

The Raiders gave the third and fifth round of Steelers 2019 last March for the best NFL receiver. As part of the trade, Brown got an updated contract. He received a $ 11.2 million increase in the remaining three years of the four-year period, an extension of the $ 68 million contract he signed with the Steelers in 2017. He was expected to earn $ 50.125 million in the three years with the potential for an additional $ 4. millions through incentives in the new agreement. The revised contract had a total guarantee of $ 30.125 million. The guaranteed money was the Brown base salary of $ 14.625 million 2019, the base salary $ 14.5 million 2020, the $ 500,000 training bonus 2019 and the $ 500,000 training bonus 2020. The $ 1 million training bonus was treated as signing bonuses for salary limit purposes and spread over three years due to their full guarantee upon signing the correct deal.

Brown consumed his welcome to Oakland with his antics off the pitch before playing a down for the Raiders. He was released one day before the start of the regular season due to multiple breaches of his contract, which allowed the Raiders to cancel $ 29.625 million in guarantees. The NFL contract guarantees cancellation for a list of laundry reasons (suspensions under a league policy or by the team for harmful conduct, failure or refusal to play, practice or report to the team, etc.). Conditions vary based on team convention, the attention the agent pays to the language and its influence in negotiations. In some cases, fines can trigger the cancellation of guarantees.

Brown filed multiple grievances against the Raiders to collect wage guarantees, a one-week salary of $ 860,294 and approximately $ 215,000 in fines which was valued while he was in Oakland. The complaint should be heard during the upcoming offseason. Brown’s best chance for a favorable decision is with a week’s salary because his release came after business closed on Tuesday that week.

The Raiders currently have a $ 666,667 2020 salary charge from the extension of the training bonus. Assuming the expected outcome of complaints in which the referee decides in favor of Brown for a week’s payment, the Raiders are expected to come out with a credit of $ 139,706 on the 2020 salary limit. There should be a credit of $ 333,333 for the charge. of the 2019 cap relating to training bonuses. Brown did not earn the first $ 500,000 because of a lack of participation in the training program. A credit of $ 666,667 should also be given for the current 2020 cutoff rate.

Brown’s implosion led to a chain reaction of wide receiver events. The Raiders were forced to rely on Tyrell Williams, who was slowed down by a foot injury, and the fifth round of 2019 chose Hunter Renfrow more heavily. The duo joined for 91 catches, 1,256 yards of reception and 10 touchdowns. That type of production would have been a “bad year” by Brown’s standards. The Raiders sold more capital during the season to try to improve the large receiving body. Trevor Davis was acquired by the Packers for a choice of the sixth round of 2020. A choice of the fifth round of 2021 was given to the Bills for Zay Jones.

It is impossible to know how the Raiders’ plans would change without trading for Brown. Wide receivers A.J. Brown and D.K. Metcalf was still available when Trayvon Mullen cornerback was selected in the second round with the 40th overall pick. The third round choice sent to Pittsburgh was the 66th overall choice. The Redskins took wide receiver Terry McLaurin 10 points later.

Second classified: Nick Foles (QB) -Jaguars; Devin Funchess (WR) -Colts; C.J. Mosley (LB) -Jets

Offensive signature of the year

Ingram left the Saints after eight years to join the Ravens with a three-year deal of $ 15 million with a fully guaranteed $ 6.5 million. It became an excellent complement to quarterback Lamar Jackson, the alleged MVP NFL 2019, in the historic Baltimore stampede, which set a single season record with 3,296 yards.

Ingram and Derrick Henry are the only two players to run for at least 1,000 yards (1,018) and have at least 10 dashing touchdowns and an average of five yards or more per carry this season. He had five other reception scores in fourth place in the NFL with 15 touchdowns. Ingram has been nominated for the Pro Bowl in the original runoff for the second time in his career this season.

Runner up: John Brown (WR) -Bills

Defensive signature of the year

Second-year packer general manager Brian Gutekunst has renewed Green Bay’s defense by being much more aggressive in the free agency than his predecessor Ted Thompson has ever been. Za’Darius and Preston Smith, who are known as “Smith Brothers”, although independent, have been signed with four-year agreements worth $ 66 million and $ 52 million respectively to provide an urgent move. The Smith Brothers joined for 25.5 bags, a single Packers record for a couple. Za’Darius had 13.5 bags in sixth place in the NFL while Preston was not far behind with 12, who was eighth. They are the only pair of teammates to hit the 12 bags each season this season.

Runner up: Tyrann Mathieu (S) -Chiefs

The biggest theft

Buccaneers got the leader of the NFL sack for a one-year deal worth $ 5 million including incentives. In all fairness, no one could have predicted that Barrett would have 19.5 bags. The unwritten free agent of 2014 produced a total of 14 bags in his four previous seasons with the Broncos.

Runner up: Ryan Tannehill (QB) -Titani

Better use of a one-year contract

Barrett’s wager on himself with a $ 4 million one year contract (up to $ 5 million in incentives) will pay big dividends. He got the honors of the NFC defensive player of the month for September with nine bags in the first four games. The quarterback’s nine rebounds also marked an NFL record for the most bags in four games. Although Barrett couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the first season, he led the NFL with 19.5 bags.

The buccaneers have made it clear that Barrett will not go anywhere. In the absence of a long-term agreement, Barrett will be assigned a franchise or transition designation. The 2020 linebacker franchise and transition tags are expected to be around $ 15,975 million and $ 13.75 million respectively with a neighborhood wage limit of $ 200 million. Barrett’s breakout season should put him in a position to get at least a long-term deal comparable to the five-year $ 90 million ($ 18 million a year) deal with $ 56 million in guarantees that Trey Flowers obtained from Lions in free agency last March.

Second classified: Matthew Judon (Edge) -Ravens; Justin Simmons (S) -Broncos; Ryan Tannehill (QB) -Titani

Worst one-year contract usage

Mariota, who played with a fifth year option of $ 20.922 million, was benched for six games ineffectively in the season. He was completing 59.1 percent of the passes, with an average of 196.5 meters per pass per game and had been fired from a league almost 25 times when he lost his initial job. The Titans would likely have made a long-term commitment to Mariota worth more than $ 30 million a year if he had lived up to the potential this season which made him the second overall choice of 2015.

Mariota’s days with Tennessee are clearly numbered. He will try to become an initial quarterback or an opportunity to complete to start a free agency job. Such opportunities may be few and far between because the veteran quarterback supply is likely to outstrip demand this off-season. Mariota may have to settle for the best backup situation which could possibly give him the chance to play in case of difficulty in the initial quarterback.

Second classified: Nelson Agholor (WR) -Eagles; Devin Funchess (WR) -Colts

Best contract year extension (for a team)

Parker renegotiated its $ 9.387 million fifth year option in a two-year $ 10 million deal worth up to $ 13 million through incentives last March. The Dolphins would likely have released it rather than the option would have been completely guaranteed.

Parker’s long-awaited breakout season has finally come this season. He captured 72 passes for 1,202 yards with nine touchdowns. Parker drew fourth in the NFL in touchdown receptions and was fifth in the receiving yards. His 16.7 meters per catch were the ninth best in the championship.

Parker, who turns 27 on January 20, signed a $ 30.5 million three-year contract extension containing $ 22,367,647 warranties with a couple of weeks left in the regular season. The extension is worth up to $ 34.5 million due to realistically achievable incentives. After signing the extension, Parker made his way with Patriots’ first team All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore, who was named the NFL defensive player of the year by The Professional Football Writers of America, in the regular season finale . The 27-year-old future captured eight passes for 137 yards with Gilmore covering him mainly.

The timing of the extension is curious for Parker. There should not have been any urgency on his part because he had a 2020 contract year. By signing during the season, Parker cannot take advantage of any large contract offer concluded in free agency or possible extensions of the contract year for Chris Godwin ( Buccaneers), Kenny Golladay (Lions), Cooper Kupp (Rams) or JuJu Smith- Schuster (Steelers). If this season is not an anomaly, he will probably regret signing an extension during the 2023 season for a good number two of money for the receivers rather than reciting his contract.

Runner up: Marcus Peters (CB) -Ravens

Worst contract extension (for a team)

The Colts renegotiated Brissett’s contract in a preemptive strike after quarterback Andrew Luck surprisingly retired during the preseason. Brissett was expected to conclude his rookie contract with a base salary of $ 2 million remaining when he signed on during the 2020 season for a total of $ 30 million over the two years. This makes Brissett’s deal a one-year extension for $ 28 million, which is a good approximation of the 2020 non-exclusive quarterback franchise tag.

Brissett hasn’t done anything this season to convince Colts general manager Chris Ballard that it’s the long-term response to the quarterback. In fact, Ballard recently said that the jury is still on Brissett, who finished 26th in the NFL in both the touchdown (18) and percentage completion (60.9) passes, and 27th in the passing yard ( 2,942) this season. It was without a large T.Y. Hilton, the main weapon in the passing game, and Eric Ebron head to head for several games due to an injury.

The Colts would have had an extra $ 28 million in salary to play with in the offseason to help find a veteran quarterback in free agency or through trade if Brissett had ended his rookie contract. The space limit is however not a problem. No NFL team should have more than $ 92 million in cap rooms that the Colts should have.

$ 8 million in the limit space will be saved by releasing Brissett instead of keeping it on books with a limit number of $ 21.5 million. It is unlikely to occur since the plan is to get someone involved to push Brissett. It remains to be seen whether it is through the draft or the free agency.

Runner up: Jared Goff (QB) -Rams


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