Bidasoa-Irun had a bittersweet experience in Brittany, where he was invited to play a friendly match against HBC Nantes, the first of his ‘second preseason’.

For the club and for the team, this invitation was an honor, a gesture that Bidasoa is back in the front line. And in front he was going to have a rival like Nantes, one of the best in the French league and currently second ranked.

However, Jacobo Cuétara had to face the game with no less than eight absences. To those already known of Rangel Luan, Matheus Da Silva and Rodrigo and Esteban Salinas with their selections and that of the injured Paco Barthe, Iker Serrano had to be added, with discomfort in the cervical area and Iñaki Cavero, with a sprained ankle. Jon Azkue traveled, but due to stomach problems he could not play.

Cuétara explains that “we did not want to condition the subsidiary and the youth, who had their competitions and only incorporated goalkeeper Joseba Zabala, who played a quarter of an hour.” In addition to him and Ledo, Bidasoa had nine players and with them he faced the clash against a Nantes who also had half a dozen casualties but concealed them better and won 30-20, with 14-8 at half-time.


January 17

In Redon, Brittany. HBC Nantes 30-30 Bidasoa.

January 24

In Lekunberri, against Helvetia Anaitasuna.

January 25

In Zumarraga, against Logroño La Rioja.

February 5th

Resumption of the league, in Artaleku against Abanca Ademar León.

The Asturian coach acknowledges that «we don’t play well. It is not a game to draw conclusions, but to continue working towards the resumption of the competition ».

Alignment: Ledo (1 goal) and Joseba Zabala, Orbovic (3), Crowley (2), Mikel Zabala (2), Odriozola (1), De la Salud, Renaud (7), Tesoriere (1) and Seri (3) .

Marker every five minutes: 2-1, 4-1, 8-3, 10-4, 11-7, 14-8 (rest); 18-12, 20-13, 20-15, 23-18, 27-19, 30-20.

After this friendly, during the break motivated by the European Bidasoa-Irun has two more planned, which will be played closer. Specifically on Friday, the Irundarras will travel to Lekunberri to meet Helvetia Anaitasuna and on Saturday they will go to Zumarraga, where the faces will be seen with the Logroño. In these cases, Cuétara will summon players of the subsidiary so as not to charge the first team players with too many minutes and in just two days.

Against Ademar, day 5

The Asobal League confirmed yesterday the schedules of the matches corresponding to the sixteenth day, the one scheduled for the second weekend of February. It is up to Bidasoa-Irun to receive Abanca Ademar León and as the Leon team has to visit Nantes precisely on Sunday 9, the Irundarra club already knew that this clash should be anticipated midweek.

Finally, it will be on Wednesday, February 5 and starting at 7:00 p.m., the schedule chosen by the Gol channel to broadcast it on the open, taking into account the interest of visiting the second classified to the third-party court.

Bidasoa-Irun is one of the teams with the most televised games this season, this being the twelfth in sixteen days. Previously they could see, either by Gol, or by the mobile application LaLigaSports TV, the meetings against Ademar León, Barça, BM. Benidorm, Helvetia Anaitasuna, Liberbank Cuenca, Bada Huesca, Recoletas Atlético Valladolid, Fraikin BM. Granollers, Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto, BM Logroño La Rioja and Viveros Herol BM. Nava In addition, Euskal Telebista has broadcast the ten matches of the Champions League league.



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