• 1.2 billion people are watching tonight’s Kef Party of the Best Africa in Hurghada

  • Floating theater for the party equipped with the latest laser and lighting .. and international fireworks

  • Tourist trips to Ahmed, Infantino, Finger and a private plane to bring the Ronaldo family

  • Kamel Abu Ali: I trust the success of the concert and invite investors to organize similar events that draw the world’s attention to Egypt

Hurghada and Sahl Hasheesh resort have completed their preparations to hold the most prominent African sporting event “Al Kaf” for the best in Africa 2019 “.. Today, the party guests from the international and African sports stars came to attend the ceremony hosted by Sahl Hasheesh in Hurghada..

The arrival of a large number of world and African sports officials, Hurghada, led by Gianni Infantino, President of the International Football Association, FIFA, Ahmed Ahmed, President of the African Union, CAF, Fatima Samoura, Amr El-Ganaini, President of the Egyptian Football Association, and world coach “Arsene Finger”, the former Arsenal coach and Samuel. Eto, the star of Cameroon and the former Barcelona team, also flocked to the arrival of Egyptian football stars, a number of artists, media and VIPs in the country .. It is expected that a number of ministers who confirmed their attendance at the ceremony will be arriving, Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports and Dr. Khaled El Anany, Minister Tourism and Antiquities, Nabil Makram, Minister of Immigration.

It was assumed that the family of global football star Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at dawn today, but there was a delay in the Turkish flight coming to them through Istanbul airport, so the organizing group of the party sent a special plane to bring them to join the party .. And of course the Senegalese star Sado Mani arrived at the Liverpool and Senegalese team .. Organizing speedy private cruises for guests.

Tourist investor Kamel Abu Ali confirmed his optimism about the success of the best ceremony that is being held for the first time in Egypt, noting that there are high-level facilities that were made for the success of the ceremony by setting up a floating theater specifically for the ceremony on the resort marina in Sahl Hasheesh and was equipped with the latest technological and technical means that guarantee the celebration of the image Impressive in front of the whole world .. Beside lighting the theater and the surrounding area with the latest laser methods, modern lighting, infograph and video works by specialists at a global level, and a fleet of garden cars for the transportation of guests and teams of young people to receive guests starting from the airports and accompanying them until m Capable city.

Abu Ali added, that his hotel group sponsored all the expenses of holding the ceremony and the guests, and whatever that cost, but it remains very little in order to organize an event befitting the name and reputation of Egypt, regionally and internationally..

The tourist investor pointed out that there is a national duty for all businessmen each in its field to serve the country and fulfill its right for us all and raise its name in all fields and not tourism, sports or art only, and asked each businessman to choose an event in his field that makes Egypt the focus of attention of the world And raises her head high in various international forums, whatever the cost of this effort.

Abu Ali expressed his hope for the success of the best concert in Africa today, so that it will become a starting point towards hosting Egypt for similar global sporting events in the interest of sport and also Egyptian tourism, indicating that initial estimates confirm that about 1.2 billion people around the world will turn their eyes tonight towards a city Hurghada to follow one of the most important sporting events so that the name Egypt and Hurghada hesitates, which is the best publicity that helps establish the true image of Egypt and its security and safety, alongside the major tourist propaganda for all Egypt, not just Hurghada.



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