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The student clings to life


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He Students, almost 75 years After being born in a schoolyard, it goes through one of the most critical situations in its history: the club is awaiting a capital increase that saves an entity in debt. To top it off, the men's team is last in the Endesa League. Last Sunday, before the Real Betis, the fifth consecutive defeat was won. Against this background nothing flattering, its president, Fernando Galindo, attend ABC and clears some doubts: «You cannot be in charge of an institution like the Students and not be optimistic».

You could say that Galindo took the club in the ICU and has raised it to the ground, although his condition remains serious: «Our debt is five million, seven with interest. We have reduced it by half, which translates into paying 1.4 million debt plus ordinary taxes every year, ”he explains. Despite this, the Students will finish "yes or yes" the season: "We have enough resources for all levels: the ACB team, the girls, the quarry … Everyone is charging and that is guaranteed." There are, therefore, two challenges: solve the hole in their accounts and overcome the bad streak of results of the men's team: «It is essential that we perform according to our history. On the other hand, the capital increase has to do with the economic stability necessary to face the challenges we have: the debt and budgetary improvement of the entity, ”says Galindo.

«The capital increase would allow us to face the historical student debt and thus improve our budget structure»
Fernando Galindo , President of the Students

The club is not alone in this journey. his manifest, where he takes chest for his values ​​and his history, has been widely supported: «Thanks to the hobby we have, both sponsors and companies close to us have an interest in Student continuity. On the other hand, we have signed some confidentiality agreements with companies that may be interested in our brand, linked to values ​​and recognized by society. We are the first team of many and the second of all, "he says, although he also regrets one thing:" We don't have the institutional support that other teams have in the world of basketball. " What Galindo does deny is any relationship with him Athletic, a rumor that spread a few weeks ago: «I have repeated it on many occasions: it is a laudable sports institution, we like it very much, but there is nothing».

Differential value

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From San Bernardo

Galindo presides over the club he loves, the team he encouraged when he was little and now enjoys with his son. For him, as for many others, Students is more than basketball: «We have always opted for culture, for a multitude of causes with which we stand in solidarity and for a different way of seeing sport». In fact, although now something habitual, the Students was a precursor of women's basketball, as its president recalls: «We have a women's team since the Ramiro became mixed. Today seems like a fad, but thirty years ago it was not. The girls are now immersed in a fight to return to the League day after the decline of 2018. Despite not being where one would expect, last season they gathered almost 15,000 people in the pavilion, record attendance at a women's basketball game in Spain.

A historian in trouble struggling for survival; the only team next to Real Madrid and at Joventut of Badalona who has played all editions of the ACB. Its showcases, where four Leagues and three Cups pose, show today a help note. They claim help to save one of the quarries Europe's most prolific, with more than 2,000 children, and another of its hallmarks: “It is part of our idiosyncrasy. It is the most important inclusive quarry in Europe. Throughout the history of the Spanish national team we have contributed more than 50% of players and coaches together with the Joventut. Although later they are playing in other great teams like Real Madrid or Barcelona, ​​they have trained in Students ».

«You should be aware of our social work and, consequently, receive the help we need at such a difficult time»
Fernando Galindo , President of the Students

An unfeasible model

It's no secret that basketball in Spain is deficit. Neither national nor international competitions – the Students have not been in the Euroleague for fifteen years – allow teams to enter significant amounts of money. In fact, according to public balances of Barcelona and Real Madridboth lost more than 25 million Each one last year. «At some point we will have to make a reflection so that the world of professional basketball is situated in different economic coordinates to those found at the moment. It is clearly improvable because right now it is deficient, ”says Galindo.

Competing against the two giants is what the students aspire to in the future, a capital increase through which the economic structures of the club can be reinforced. But until that happens, there is much to row: «With more resources, we will obviously have better results. In the long term, our claim is to compete with the best, but now our goal is to get out of the situation we are in and face next season in different economic circumstances, ”he explains.

The next challenge, then, is against the Saragossa, rival to which Students will try to overcome the flight in the Endesa League. The fans, accustomed to the sporting fluctuations of recent years, are confident: "We will end up taking it, as we have been doing lately," says an amateur. Its president, like the club, clings to what he can: «Touch your teeth and fight to overcome. We have to prepare the next game, with enthusiasm, desire and work. You have to leave your skin on the court. That is first".



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