Spengler Cup: The HC Ambri-Piotta fights against Trinec for the final

    Despite fantastic support again, Ambri was not able to win against Trinec. Image: KEYSTONE

    Bitter! Trinec ends Ambris Spengler Cup fairy tale in the semi-final in extra time

    The winning goal for Trinec was scored by Matej Stransky in the 62nd minute in three against three field players. Ambri-Piotta missed more than 1: 0 in the clearly dominated start third.

    All goals in the video. Video: SRF

    The Czechs turned the game after a 0-1 deficit. Vladimir Dravecky left the perfect Ambri keeper Daniel Manzato with the 2-1 defensive chance after a picture book combination with a backhand finish in the crossbar (46.). Before that, Trinec’s top scorer Ondrej Kovarcik had used inattention in Ambri’s defense in the last minute of the middle third in cold blood to 1-1. For Kovarcik it was the third goal at this year’s Spengler Cup.

    Ambris equalizing goal to 2: 2 (52nd) was spectacular, which made detention possible. Because Igor Jelovac’s long-range shot, perfectly deflected by Brian Flynn, got caught in the entablature, Ambris celebrated the goal as well as the recognition of the goal only after a delay or finally after a video consultation.

    The compensation that nobody saw. Video: SRF

    Ambri missed its first major endgame in two decades. In 1999 the Leventine playoff finalists were in Switzerland (1: 4 in the series against Lugano). Since then Ambri has not reached a final, apart from the two games for the European Super Cup against Metallurg Magnitogorsk (home game win 1999, away defeat in 2000). The North Ticino village club won the two Continental Cup triumphs at corresponding final tournaments (1998 in Kosice and 1999 in Berlin).

    The Leventines can leave the Spengler Cup stage with their hearts raised at their premiere. With the irrepressible fighting spirit and its frenetic fans, the Leventines provided for the best atmosphere of all times at this traditional tournament.

    Ambri-Piotta – Ocelari Trinec 2: 3 (1: 0, 0: 1, 1: 1, 0: 1) N / A
    6300 spectators (sold out). – SR Hebeisen / Salonen (SUI / FIN), Progin / Schischlo (SUI / RUS).
    Gates: 5. Dal Pian (Incir, Douay) 1-0. 40.Ondrej Kovarcik (Martynek, Michal Kovarcik) 1-1. 46.Dravecky (Grenat, Stransky) 1-2. 52. Flynn (Jelovac) 2-2. 62. Stransky (Martynek, Musil) 2: 3. –
    Punish: 2 times 2 minutes against Ambri-Piotta, 4 times 2 minutes against Trinec.
    Ambri-Piotta: Manzato; Fora, Dotti; Plastino, Jelovac; Ngoy, Pinana; Fohrler; Trisconi, Goi, Egli; Flynn, D’Agostini, Wolski; Miranda, Müller, Dwarf; Dal Pian, Sabolic, Douay; Incir.
    Trinec: Kváča; Doudera, Gernat; Hrachovsky, Musil; Adamek, Zahradnicek; Haman; Stransky, Marcinko, Dravecky; Ondrej Kovarcik, Michal Kovarcik; Martynek; Chmielewski, Polansky, Adamsky; Novotny, Mikulik, Hrna; Szturc.
    Remarks: Ambri without Bianchi, Conz, Hofer, Kneubühler, Kostner, Novotny and Rohrbach (all injured) as well as Moor, Mazzolini, Hinterkircher and Fischer (all surplus). (Abu / SDA)

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